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Online shopping is a truly wonderful thing.  It fills in so much time and helps us to understand just how much stuff there is in the world that we really, really want, but definitely don’t need.


But of course when it comes to Whisky it is a different story, because that is something we all need and want. We’ve brought together a collection of some of our favourite stores where you can purchase all the Whisky you could ever dream of! Please note this does not cover classics such as Harrods or Selfridges or Tesco or any other high street retailer; this is about specialist whisky retailers.

Founded in 1874 Robert Graham is one of the oldest whisky and tobacco merchants in the UK. They serve the finest scotch whisky, spirits, hand rolled cigars – Cuban and new world along with an extensive collection of pipes and tobacco. As well as being a retailer they organise bespoke and branded tastings with whisky, whisky paired with Cigars and wine from their specialist shops and are an Independent bottler looking to expand their ever growing range! They have 5 shops: one in Glasgow, London, Cambridge and 2 stores in Edinburgh and of course their online store. Robert Graham is constantly adding and developing as a retailer introducing spectacular ranges of old and rare whisky bottlings, gin, wine and rum as well as working as an independent bottler.

Nickolls & Perks are an independent Wine merchant with an incredible array of Whiskies on offer.  They have everything divided up so you can easily access exactly what you’re looking for.  They even have sections for The Closed Distilleries as well as their own bottlings, so you will definitely get something here that is no on other sites.  As well as Whisky, they do a wide range of Wines and Spirits and even have books and glassware.

Great store, you can read my write up on the store design here, and The Whisky Shop dispels all the established norms of whisky retailing. At The Whisky Shop there are three defined zones: “Show me”, “Tell me” and “Sell me” that help buyers navigate the store whether they are a whisky connoisseur or they are a first time whisky buyer. As you enter the store you will notice that there is a lot of light, something I was not expecting whatsoever. It frames each bottle both individually and as a collective to show off the different brands and the different regions the whiskies hail from. There is a real sense of awe associated with these stores, they remind you that years, often decades of blood, sweat, tear and craft has gone into the creation of every single drop of liquid consumers are about to enjoy.

The Whisky Exchange is a great site to visit if you are unsure exactly what you are looking for.  they have sections dedicated to gift buying for birthdays and anniversaries, and just about every Whisky from around the world that you could imagine.  They have their sections divided into categories like Single Malt or Grain Whisky and have an easy to navigate website that is great for just browsing when you’re in the mood for something new.

This is a fantastic site to go to if you want a little bit more detail on your purchase than with other sites.  Master of Malt gives a run down of key details for every Whisky as well as tasting notes for most expressions.  This is a site where you can learn something extra about what you’re buying.  They have a vast selection of world Whiskies as well as various other Spirits.

Whisky Galore at The Green Welly Stop – Selling Scotch Whisky since 1976. They’ve got many years of experience behind them, having ventured into the online world in 2007, quietly building up their stock levels to what they are today. In 2013 and 2015 they were ‘Highly Commended’ in The Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky Scotland Award for Online Retailers.

As requested by a friend of mine, Steve Prentice, writer of the Somerset Whisky Blog

The Whisky Barrel launched the third version of their specialist online whisky shop in September 2016. As well as a fast advanced search function, clean and crisp navigation, menus and product pages, anew mobile friendly version was released. The Whisky Barrel specialises in independent bottlings, rare and our own exclusive bottlings. Fast international shipping and a whisky gift wrapping service.

Arkwrights is a specialist independent whisky retailer owned and run by Ken and Fran Thomas. Established for over 12 years in the Wiltshire town of Highworth they have an extensive range of over 1000 whiskies, available to buy via the website or from the shop itself.

As requested by a friend of mine, Steve Prentice, writer of the Somerset Whisky Blog

Gauntleys has a wide range of world Whiskies, with everything split up geographically.  This is a good way to explore regions and learn more about different types of geographical Whiskies.  They also have a price section that allows you shop within your price range, giving you lots of different options for your budget.  Gauntleys even have a Whisky map that allows you to interactively see where your Whiskies are coming from and shop in that area.

This is a great website to visit if you know what you are looking for.  They have a search bar that allows you fill in all different kinds of details about the Whisky you are looking including manufacturer and region.  If you browse their site you are met with some rare bottlings that you may not have heard of before, which is a great way to discover some new drams that could be well worth trying!

Like The Whisky Shop Dufftown, Drinks Supermarket has a great search tool that allows you find the exact Whisky you are looking for.  This is also a great tool to search for similar Whiskies to your favourites and is a great way to uncover new drams.  The site is easy to use and includes Wines, Spirits and Beers as well as Whiskies.

This site is exceptionally easy to use and has a drop down A-Z list of Single Malts.  This is ideal to find your favourite brand and learn of some that you may not have heard of before.  They also have an independent bottlers section, which will definitely lead you to finding some interesting malts should you go browsing.  And if you know your budget, they have a handy “Top 10” section that is divided by price.

The Good Spirits Co. is a great way to find regional Scotch.  It has a section designed entirely by Scotch regions, allowing you to broaden your taste profile of each region.  This is also very handy to use if you already know which region you prefer.  They also have world Whiskies and a variety of other Spirits, for good measure.

This site is brilliant for American Whiskies.  They have a wide selection and the drop down menu is split up according to type and region.  If you’re into American drams then this is definitely the site for you.  They also have a Monthly Offers section, so if you check back from time to time, you could strike gold!

This is a handy website to use if you want to discover new releases.  They have a What’s New? Section at the top of the page, where you can easily browse to find exciting new developments from the Whisky world.  They also divide their Scotches up into regional categories so you can shop according to which flavour profile you prefer.

Not only do you get the chance to view Scotches by region with Wee Dram, but you also get images of what those regions look like.  Really this is just a small part of the website but it looks good and seems to capture the heart of the regions well.  They also have a taste rating guide so you know what to expect if you’re buying something new.

This site has a great section for searching according to distillery or type.  So even if you don’t know what you want, you will be sure to find something to enjoy here.  they also have a section that includes their own bottlings and Rare Casks bottlings, to give you the chance to buy something that is not very likely to be in your friends’ Whisky cabinets.

While this is primarily a Wine site, they do have a fantastic range of Whiskies, many of which are on offer.  As well as Wines and Spirits however, they also have a wonderful cigar collection, so if you’re buying something for a special occasion, why not go the whole hog and get some cigars to go with your favourite dram?

If you’re not so sure what to buy then look no further than Royal Mile Whiskies.  They have a whole section dedicated to recommendations, including snappy headlines such as “Peaty Beasts” and “Sherry Monsters”.  So if you have an idea about taste, then definitely look here for something you may have never tried before.  There is also a fantastic section based solely on past bottlings of different distilleries, so it is worth visiting to find out more about that.

Loch Fyne Whiskies is a great site to visit if you’re looking for the expert opinion.  They include great tasting notes alongside their products and have a brilliant collector’s section.  Like a few others here they even have their own bottlings, including tasting notes and comments from the legendary Jim Murray, so you definitely know you are getting quality here.

Looking for a Whisky but just can’t seem to pin it down?  Then look no further than Hard to Find Whiskies!  This is the site to come to when you’ve tried every where else, or maybe it’s the site to go to before you try anywhere else, because they’ll more than likely have it.  They have sections to search by vintage and distillery, so if you know the year and where it was made, then you can easily find what you are looking for.

As well as a great selection of Whiskies to try here you have the chance to purchase a Whisky tasting event as well.  This is a family run business who put on Whisky tastings and also do tastings for corporate events.  They have an extensive list of Whiskies to buy and if you attend one of their tastings, then you will know exactly what the tasting notes will say!

The name really says it all for this one.  If you want great Whisky and a great cigar, then definitely visit here.  in terms of Whisky, you can browse by flavour here, and not just the typical Sherry and Peat, but more in depth flavours such as Dark Chocolate, Honey or Earth.  This is a great way to discover more flavours of Whisky and will definitely open up you taste buds to more Whisky options.

With an extensive list of Whiskies, this is a great site to visit if you’re looking for a certain type of flavour.  They have great tasting notes that will tell you everything you need to know before you buy.  Their sections are easy to use and simply labelled, so if you have something in mind you can easily find it and other Whiskies like it.

Here you can search by region or by taste.  The taste sections can be quite specific, so if you have a favourite in mind but want to try something similar but a little different then this is the perfect site for you.  If you want to try something new, then look at their featured Whiskies section.  This will give you plenty of ideas for what your next favourite dram will be!

There are so many different ways to shop for Whiskies here that it is worth just going for the browse.  You can learn a lot here about different distilleries and their regions as well, and they have a lot of distilleries included that you would think of off the top of your head.

Independent Spirit is a fantastic local booze shop, who have a great collection of whisky, beer and other spirits. It is run by three lovely chaps, who are all really friendly, thoroughly knowledgeable and will always be able to recommend you something to suit your taste. Also they are dab hands at getting their mits on small releases and interesting things that you won’t get anywhere else. A definite must visit on a trip to Bath.

Submitted by: Real Dram Rob –

A small, but beautifully formed wine and spirits shop, which is based on the Christmas Steps in Bristol. They are another friendly shop that specialise in wine and spirits and can always recommend you something nice. They usually even have a bottle or two open and ready to taste. Also they run a regular series of classy tastings covering all types of booze, which they host in their cellar.

Submitted by: Real Dram Rob –

Corks is a Bristol institution, that now has three shops located in convenient places around Bristol. In all their shops, they sell an amazing array of wine, beer and spirits. Their whisky collection seems to be curated with love and is all priced incredibly reasonably. I recently picked up a limited edition bottle of Cask Strength Kilchoman, still priced at its original price. This serves only to highlight their awesomeness as a shop.

Submitted by: Real Dram Rob –

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