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What better way to connect with your favourite brands than on Twitter. The social networking site gives you the chance to explore the best drams as they are seen by the people who represent them.

As well as getting a glimpse into the Whisky industry, Twitter allows us to keep up to date with the latest releases and events from many different brands.

Highland Park is a great brand to follow on Twitter as they share a lot more than just their products. Keen to create a certain image, Highland Park re-tweets a lot about their heritage and “Viking Soul”. They re-tweet everything remotely Norse, from the Icelandic Viking Thunder Clap to a New York Times article about Norse mythology. One of my favourite tweets from them recently was a short video of Orka whales swimming in the water surrounding Orkney, which may not have much to do with Whisky but certainly adds to the character of Highland Park Distillery.

The Laphroaig Twitter page is all about customer interaction, so I you have an opinion on a dram, they are more than willing to listen. Twitter was built for this kind of thing and Laphroaig are definitely using it to their advantage. And what better reward for sharing an opinion than receiving a free trip to Islay? If that doesn’t grab you attention than nothing else will!

Bunnahabhain Twitter account is full of interesting facts and little snapshots of the distillery and how it is run. This is a nice way to see more of the distillery and learn more about how their Whisky is made and appreciated. For instance, did you know that the bungs used in Bunnahabhain barrels are made from poplar as it moulds itself to the hole and less Whisky is lost to the angels? No? Well I didn’t either until I learnt it from their Twitter page!

Glengoyne are great at striking a balance between product promotion and exploring their surroundings in the highlands of Scotland. On their Twitter feed we get a glimpse of what life at Glengoyne distillery is really like. They are also fantastic at re-tweeting reviews which gives us insight into how others view them. As well as showing us their own products and interests, Glengoyne often include information about their surrounding area and the events taking place across the Hihglands.

Bushmills is a brand that is definitely trying to bring itself in the 21st-century. They are doing this on their Twitter by endorsing new and up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs such as Pintrill and AJ the Barber. They are embracing millennial culture and experiences and using this to craft a new image for their brand. Twitter, very much a millennial social network, is the perfect place for them to do this, and following them will introduce you to some new and exciting culture makers.

Glenmorangie are great at capturing their own dark and brooding aesthetic online. This is just one of the ways that they are succeeding at promoting their products on Twitter, through their fantastic images and style. As a follower you get the chance to check out new adverts and new ways of enjoying Glenmorangie daily.They feature new and exciting cocktails that will have you reaching for a bottle and shaker almost every day. This gives you a great chance to learn more about how to enjoy Glenmorangie in various different ways.

Like Highland Park, Scapa celebrate everything about their surroundings on the isle of Orkney. Not only do we get a glimpse into the general life of those who work at Scapa, but we also get stunning shots of the setting and the magnificent scenery around the distillery. This account is easy going and celebrates day-to-day life at the distillery, allowing you to see more of the people behind the scenes and how much they appreciate Scapa and the isle of Orkney.

Bruichladdich are a distillery that prides themselves on their passion for their product and the work they do. Following them on Twitter will show you behind the scenes at all the hard work they pour into creating such great drams, including all the things we never really see, such as draff pipe mending and unloading Bourbon casks. This might not seem like much but it is personalised and really lets you get to know the brand and the effort that goes into it.

Ardbeg like to use their Twitter to celebrate the smuggling history that surrounds the whiskey industry, especially in regards to the release of their Dark Cove expression. This gives you the chance to see and experience more of the illegal activities that once formed the basis of a successful whiskey industry. Like Glenmorangie, Ardbeg have a fantastically dark and brooding aesthetic and this comes across perfectly on their Twitter. If you love Ardbeg and want to learn more about them as a brand, following them on Twitter is definitely a step in the right direction.

Old Pulteney may not be the biggest of brands but they are certainly worth following on Twitter. They are very much product orientated, but this give customers the chance to full explore their range and easily distinguish between expressions. In between images of their various drams we find pictures of the people behind those drams and how to contribute and enjoy their Whisky. Old Pulteney is definitely worth following to get a more personal look at Whisky and this brand in particular.

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