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First and foremost, thank you very much for taking the time to visit Great Drams, I genuinely appreciate every single visitor who pops by and takes a read, I hope you have enjoyed your stay so far.

GreatDrams.com is a blog written by me, Greg Dillon, an avid whisk(e)y collector and enthusiast, away from whisk(e)y I run my own brand strategy consultancy and have written for The Guardian and have been nominated for blogging awards.

Supporting me and making this site as great as it can be I have various guest writers from collectors to newbies to givers to whisky brand ambassadors so expect a diverse viewpoint and interesting discussion.

Why start a whisky blog when there are already 8000+ in existence?

Having not only enjoyed my single malt and blended whiskies for quite a few years, I have also worked with a number of whisky and other luxury spirits brands so know whisky intimately from ‘both sides’.

Over the years I have noticed how tough it can be for the uninitiated to enter the whisky world and really get an understanding of all things malt (or grain, or rye…).

I have been collecting amber nectar since 2007 and have owned around 200 bottles in that time from the most prestigious to the most economical.

My oft-used explanation of the power of a whisky brand story is that a whisky costing £1,000 is not going to taste be ten times better than one costing £100, but it can make you feel better, and elevate your perception of yourself as much as the perceptions of those around you.

GreatDrams.com’s aim is to write for those who are whisky givers as much as those who are whisky drinkers as, ultimately whisky givers are under-serviced by the whisky industry and whisky drinkers have nowhere to send their loved ones for inspiration or to get an understanding of one of their great passions.

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My name is Greg, and I’m a brand strategy consultant, writer, speaker, host and judge specialising in premium spirits. My mission is to experience, share and inspire with everything great about whisky, whiskey, gin, beer and fine dining through my writing, my brand building and my whisky tastings.

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