Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish Straight Kentucky Bourbon

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A thoroughly American Bourbon from Lux Row Distillers, the brand has ventured into some exotic maturing methods.

The American Dream

Rebel Yell, named after the cry of the confederate soldiers during the American Civil War, not the Billy Idol song, is a distinctly American Bourbon, but with a bit of a twist. Typical Bourbons stick to a majority Rye mash bill, but Rebel Yell like to do things differently. As such, their mash bill is mostly wheat based.

The brand is made at the Lux Row Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, which was opened in 2018. It is home to three other Bourbon brands. The whole point of the brand is to stand out a little bit, and they do with their “rebellious” mash bill.

Rebel Yell has only recently become available in the UK, due to the massive rise in popularity for Bourbon here.

John Rempe head distiller at Lux Row, said, “We wanted to create something unique for the growing number of Bourbon connoisseurs in the UK, which is why we decided to launch this whiskey outside the US.”

Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish Straight Kentucky Bourbon

As well as mash bill that sticks out, this Bourbon has also been matured in French oak barrels. After initial maturation in American oak casks, it was moved in French oak barrels for six months.

The flavours are really well developed. It’s interesting to see a Bourbon that has been finished as these are quite rare.

Tasting notes for Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Bottle cost: £24.96

The nose begins with lots of white sugary sweetness and big fruity notes. Caramel covers apricots, pears, raisins and apples. There is a nice crisp bite to the fruits and the caramel is smooth. Hints of charred wood, dark coffee and malted grains also appear.

The palate is bold, with more fruit and lots of earthy notes. Cherries, almonds and darker notes of cinder toffee and whiffs of smoke. The character is well developed and every flavour complements the next.

There is a hint of cinnamon spice, with notes of oak wood and vanilla as well. The sweet edge never really leaves.

The finish is full of oak, coffee and fruits. It is mellow and soft but full of flavour.

When Rebel Yell is released in the UK it will be an excellent addition to the Bourbon selection available here. The flavours are hearty and very American.

This is a great Bourbon, whether you’re a fan of the category or not, and we highly recommend trying it.

Are you a fan of Rebel Yell Bourbon? Let us know in the comments!

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