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It’s that time of year again when I start to panic, Greg’s birthday and Father’s Day all within the same week. You all know that Greg has probably tried most whiskies, so when it come to getting him a whisky gift I have to think pretty hard about it. So I’ve put together the GreatDrams Father’s Day gift guide so if you’re struggling you may be able to take some inspiration.

1. First up our very own English Whisky Co. 7 Year Old PX Sherry Cask Single Malt. Our first ‘new world’ whisky, this cask has been matured for its entire maturation at the English Whisky Co. in Norfolk, England. Initially in an American oak ex-Bourbon barrel for four years, this whisky was then filled into a first fill Pedro Ximénez cask for its finish, or second maturation.

Tasting notes:

All about that treacle-y winter spice and fruit note with hints of fresh vanilla ice cream.
From £35 

2. We ordered the Hawksmoor at Home steak box more than once over the past year and if your Dad a bit of a foodie then this is the perfect gift. Not only do you have restaurant quality prepared food delivered to your door but the cocktails. Wow. The Fuller-Fat Old Fashioned has to be ordered, again we might have reordered the cocktails just on their own a few times! Here’s how they describe it

Fuller-Fat Old FashionedWoodford Reserve Bourbon, Brown Butter, Bay LeafThis leisurely sipper requires a painstaking process of infusing butter into bourbon in a water bath. Now with the added luxury of beurre noisette and a hint of the cigar box courtesy of sandalwood and cedar oil.

3. Is your Dad’s whisky shelf already looking a bit full, how about a gin instead? The Lakes distillery has produced a classic English Gin, delightfully refreshing and is displayed in one of the most beautiful bottles, a really conversation starter. They focus on using a few, quality ingredients and draw water from the Lake District National Park.

Tasting notes:
Vibrant notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel.

4.  Who wants to push the boat out then? We surely love doing so for Greg (sometimes) and he was rather impressed with these bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label when he was at the Glenkinchie Distillery in February so this might be one from the list that we pick him up.

Apparently only one cask in every ten thousand filled makes its way into Johnnie Walker Blue Label so there’s something really special in these bottles.


Or the very special Johnnie Walker Father’s Day & Cheese Tasting experience at Princes Street Edinburgh… if Greg was not working I would be all over this… 

Available on 19th June 2022, the Father’s Day Whisky and Cheese Tasting Experience (£40 pp) will showcase some of the most exclusive whiskies from Johnnie Walker, including a dram of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the pinnacle of blending and renowned as one of the finest whiskies in the world.

Tickets can be bought by clicking here

5. And finally if your Dad takes his whisky seriously, very seriously then we have the perfect gift in the GreatDrams Whisky Subscription. Named “Best Whisky Subscription for Exclusive Bottles” by IndyBest from The Independent because you can literally not buy our releases anywhere. We won’t be releasing as individual bottles so the only way to get them is through the subscription. WE have tried to make this really accessible so have introduced our 25ml and 50ml sizes which are only £7 or £12 a month respectively. 

As ever if you need more inspiration just get in touch and we’d be happy to help, from looking into buying your Dad a cask of whisky (how loved would he feel) or to arranging a private tasting for your family we would be happy to help.

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