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Did you manage to catch the three exciting launches at The Whisky Show 2018? These bottles are meant to represent the past, present and future of Whisky.

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It was the 10th anniversary of The Whisky Show, and the organisers, The Whisky Exchange, decided to celebrate in a big way. They brought out three distinct bottlings that represent Whisky as it is now, as it has been and as they envisage it will be. The range is called The Future of Whisky.

This is quite an unprecedented release and there is a lot going on across the three bottles. They have been specially designed with labels that represent the movement of the Whisky industry. They are designed to look 3D and to move as you move the bottle.

All very exciting stuff! But most importantly, let’s take a look at the liquid inside the bottles.

Past Future – Ben Nevis 21 Year Old

This expression is said the represent “what we thought the future would be in the past”. Read into that what you will. It has been matured in Sherry butts and bottled at 47.5%.

It opens with a lovely aroma of fruit, with apples, pears, pineapples and oranges all coming out. These are ripe and lively. They combine well with a spicy warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a sweet note of caramel.

The palate is smooth and mellow, with lots more sweet flavours. Jam, malted grains and biscuits appear, with more caramel and a hint of vanilla. Hard candies and toffee chews are also there, adding a little tang to the sugary flavours.

The fruits are well developed and mix nicely with the aromatic, earthy spices, including tarragon and mint.

The finish is strong, with a hint of mint and oak wood.

Present Future – Ledaig 12 Year Old

To celebrate the next stage of the Whisky industry, Whisky as it stands now, the bottlers have chosen a Ledaig 12 Year Old. This has been matured in Sherry butts and bottled at 58.4%.

The nose opens with a really refreshing note of mint and herbs. Peat smoke comes in as a nice backdrop. Sprigs of thyme alongside citrus fruit and thick treacle syrup make up the main body of the nose.

These are strong on the palate as well, which has even more smoke and bolder flavours. It is brimming with tar and ash, and sweet caramel, vanilla, black treacle sweetness.

More mint, limes and chocolate notes are also there, adding a hint of earthy freshness.

The finish is packed with peat, black pepper and a hint of chocolate.

The Future – Invergordon 44 Year Old

Bottle cost: £299

According to the guys at The Whisky Exchange, the future has a decent age statement on it. This Invergorden Single Grain malt has been bottled at 51.6% and matured in hogsheads.

The nose begins with rich notes of desserts and dried fruit. Caramel, treacle and some lighter floral notes are also there. The oak of the hogsheads comes through as well, with hints of vanilla and caramel.

The palate is full of soft fruits and sugar. Vanilla, caramel, maple syrup and marmalade really embolden the sweeter notes of the oak and fruit. This is a really rich dram, with caramel and vanilla coming through very strongly. Dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas add a lovely depth to the malt.

The finish is sweet and warming, with more oak wood and a hint of vanilla.

These are really exciting drams that represent three distinct stages in the Whisky industry. You will not regret trying one or all of these… if you can still get them!

What are your thoughts on The Whisky Show Bottlings? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat!

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