The Macallan Rare Cask Batch 1 2018 Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The Macallan Rare Cask range has been around 2014, when it was first brought on board as one of the distillery’s main lines. Now they are transforming the range, seeking to reach out to collectors and educate their audiences with new packaging.

the range

Rare Casks has not been a part of the Macallan family for long and with this new initiative, they are reaching out to consumers who might want to grow their Whisky collection or invest in some really great Scotch.

But that doesn’t mean they are losing sight of the consumer who appreciates Whisky for Whisky. With their new packaging, they are seeking to educate and inform their buyers.

Re-released in September 2018, the new line up will see malts being released as batches, with three going out this year and four every subsequent years.

Macallan have long been known as one of the most sought out brands to add to your collection, and bottlings are known to sell out in minutes.

The introduction of the Rare Cask range in batches will only add to their rarity and to their desirability.

the malt

However, this doesn’t tell us anything about what’s really important here; the malt itself.

Although, this being the Macallan, it’s safe to say, this is some excellent malt.

It is the result of a vatting of 50 different Sherry butts, as all of batches in this range will be.

Nick Savage, Master Distiller at the Macallan, commented on the range saying, “The rarity of Rare Cask lies in the limited number of first-fill Sherry-seasoned casks.”

This whisky truly exhibits the art of cask selection and the role of our whisky making team to hand-pick the casks for each batch. The casks give the greatest contribution to the character and are the only source of the rich mahogany colour.”

He went on to describe Batch 1 as, “It is one of The Macallan’s most complex yet balanced whiskies that we’ve created, with soft notes of rich oak, vanilla and chocolate.”

At GreatDrams, here’s what we made of it.

Bottle cost: £191.67

The nose begins with big notes of vanilla and oak. These are bold and rich, with a wonderful refined flavour. They are joined by orchard and citrus fruits that add a lovely refreshing note and a lot of zest.

The palate is exceptionally smooth and bursting with flavour. The heat from the Sherry spices can really be felt and go perfectly with oak wood.

Vanilla and creamy caramel add a lovely sweetness to the overall flavour. These are well developed and bounce off the sharper notes. Chocolate also comes through, adding more sweetness and giving a lovely depth to the oak wood. It is really smooth and natural.

The finish is full of oak and spices, with cinnamon and cloves complementing the wood.

The Rare Cask range always was an exciting expression from the Macallan and this development has only built on that.

Whether you’re a collector or not, Batch 1 is well worth the investment, for the flavour as well as the boost to your collection.

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