The Lost Distillery Co offers a journey of discovery with launch of exclusive mini six-pack selection

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The Lost Distillery Company has launched a new ‘Discovery Selection’ of mini malts from its Classic range, offering an unforgettable journey around Scotland’s whisky heritage and long forgotten distilleries.

Reflecting the full length and breadth of whisky taste profiles from six of the producing regions of Scotland represented by the brand, the new gift pack provides a flavour of modern interpretations from distilleries including Auchnagie, Stratheden, Towiemore, Jericho, Gerston, Dalaruan and Lossit.

Offering an immersive, historical experience for consumers, the new packs include six 5cl miniatures from the Classic range and are beautifully presented in premium packaging making them ideal for gifting or those exploring the world of whisky for the first time.

TLDC’s award-winning portfolio has had phenomenal success this year with a growth in distribution to nearly 50 markets worldwide. The new ‘Discovery Selection’ packs will be available globally at an RRP of £34.99.

Scott Watson, Co-Founder of The Lost Distillery Company said: “We’ve spent the last four years developing and refining our diverse whisky portfolio to bring the stories of some of Scotland’s lost distilleries back to life.

“Our new ‘Discovery Selection’ boxes allow consumers to get a taste of whiskies from across the range and what these forgotten malts might be like if they were still in production today. The Classic selection offers accessible whiskies with a huge variety of flavour profiles, providing a gift of exploration for whisky lovers old and new.”

Obsessive about craft, the TLDC team conduct in-depth research projects into each long forgotten whisky to establish the character of the malts and pay homage to its heritage.

The full collection now includes seven lost distillery brands across three different ranges of blended malt Scotch whiskies from accessible to mature and very mature – Classic, Archivist and Vintage.

The Lost Distillery Company is owned by Crucial Drinks, a boutique drinks business based at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland specialising in world-class whisky and rum.

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