The Glenturret Announce the Release of the 2023 Core Collection Debuting Their First 35 Years Old Expression

Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery, The Glenturret, is pleased to announce the release of their Core Collection for 2023, comprising eight signature whiskies this year. For the first time, a 35 Years Old expression joins the range, created from a single European Oak sherry butt chosen for its unusually complex personality. The collection has been crafted by The Glenturret’s celebrated Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, who after his near-four decades in the Scotch Whisky industry was introduced into the Whisky Hall of Fame in December 2022.

The first five whiskies in the 2023 core collection are made up of Triple Wood (the Triple Wood 2022 Collection won best Scotch Whisky in the world at the IWSC this March), the 7 Years Old Peat Smoked, 10 Years Old Peat Smoked, 12 Years Old and 15 Years Old. This year’s annual release continues to showcase the distillery’s distinctive fruity spirit style amidst the ever-evolving canvas of maturing wood characters, with a range of new 2023 whiskies.

Joining the five new expressions in the 2023 collection are three rare single malts that are being released in highly limited numbers. The first is the 25 Years Old, which has fast become a collector’s item since it first launched in 2020. This expression was created from six casks stowed in The Glenturret’s traditional Dunnage warehouses for a quarter of a century. European oak brings rich fruit, aromatic spices and oak notes; American oak adds sweetness and vanilla with refill casks offering touches of citrus. Only 210 bottles will be available worldwide.

The Glenturret 30 Years Old, limited to 500 bottles, is derived from a search for specific flavours which were found in five precious older casks. The European oak cask imparts a traditional rich fruit flavour combined with hints of brandy and ginger, while a port pipe imbues a warm ruby hue and touches of red fruits. Sweeter notes of tropical fruit salad and bananas are inspired by the character of The Glenturret’s delicate new make spirit added by two American oak hogsheads.

The final and completely new expression in the 2023 release is a spectacular 35 Years Old, with just 185 bottles available. The liquid is derived from a single European Oak sherry butt, chosen for its unusually complex personality. Alongside the expected traditional character of dried fruits, spices and oak sits notes of tropical fruit and vanilla more commonly derived from American Oak. Three and half decades of quiet maturation have cultivated a whisky which is multifaceted yet refined.

Speaking about the creation of the 2023 release, The Glenturret’s Managing Director John Laurie said: “Bob Dalgarno and our expert team have once more excelled on every level in creating the 2023 Core Collection. The passion, time and energy that has gone into each of the exceptional expressions they have created is something that myself, and our whole team at the distillery are incredibly proud of. We release a new collection each year, trying to create something special each year, so hopefully our customers will enjoy the new 2023 Collection as much as we do!”

The new Glenturret range will be available at select retailers & distributors and online at from Tuesday 11th July, 10am. The Extremely Scarce collection (25Years Old, 30Years Old and the new 35 Years Old) will be available for pre-order sales, with bottles available for delivery in late summer.


The Glenturret Triple Wood

TOFEE apple, CITRUS and FRESHLY CUT OAK. Gentle WOOD spices. GINGER with VANILLA leads to a light, soft, fruity finale. 

43%vol. Natural Colour.

The Glenturret 7 Years Old Peat Smoked

Light smoke floats with VANILLA and sweet aromatics. CITRUS, fresh GREEN OAK and SULTANAS accompany a meandering peat smoke finish. 

46%vol. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

The Glenturret 10 Years Old Peat Smoked

Dark smoke from a newly lit fire, sweet CITRUS and VANILLA. SALTED CARAMEL leads into SMOKY WOOD SPICES which drift into the distance.

48.4%vol. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

The Glenturret 12 Years Old

RICH RAISINS and SULTANAS open, VANILLA and CINAMON follow. GINGER and hints of NUTMEG are warming. Hedgerow fruits and MATURING OAK closes.

46.4%vol. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

The Glenturret 15 Years Old

TOFFEE SPONGE with CINNAMON AND FRUIT SYRUP. APPLES and summer fruits entwine with SWEET SPICES. Aged oak finishes with a TOUCH OF SMOKE.

50.8%vol. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

The Glenturret 25 Years Old

Aromatic cinnamon with ginger, sultana, raisin, and apple. Demerara sugar sprinkled on FRESHLY BAKED PASTRY. Subtle notes of SWEET VANILLA. Aged oak adds time. Reminiscent of a bygone era, OAK LEADS ON THE PALATE. CITRUS and BOILED SWEETS FOLLOW then dark fruits return. A VELVETY TEXTURE with a WARMING FINISH OF WOOD SPICES.

42.6%vol. Cask Strength. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

The Glenturret 30 Years Old

A SUMMERS DAY PICNIC – tropical fruit salad and RIPENING BANANAS with a garnish of PRUNES AND FIGS. Sweet brandy snaps dusted with ginger and cinnamon. A compote of red fruits topped by MERINGUE and vanilla ice cream delivers a FRUITY FINISH shaded by subtle oak.

42.7%vol. Cask Strength. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered

The Glenturret 35 Years Old

A SINGLE CASK with a complex personality. CARAMELISED TROPICAL FRUITS, soft MARSHMALLOW and RICH VANILLA CUSTARD. DRIED RAISINS interwoven with notes of TOASTED OAK. CINNAMON and BRIGHT WOOD SPICES precede citrus fruits and sultanas with hints of oak and sweet vanilla. A LINGERING FRUITY FINISH sprinkled with BURSTS OF WARM SPICE

42.8%vol. Cask Strength. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered.

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