‘The One’ to look out for, the first Great British blend

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Mike Little 29 From South Cumbria UK,  Founder of the Furness Whisky Society & Reviewer for an online retailer and independent bottler.

Distillery: The Lakes Distillery Cumbria

Name: The One
ABV: 40%
Appearance: Pale Golden

Well here we are on a very pleasant day where the air has been warm for September. A very good day to review a new whisky! The golden nectar in question has been kindly donated by The Lakes Distillery based near Cockermouth nestled in the fabulous Lake District. 

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Their first whisky venture has been a British blend which they have named ‘The One’. I was initially sceptical of a brand new distillery producing a blend from which no production of theirs has contributed towards the finished article. However that being said after spending a great deal of time with this dram I am pleased to say they have created a splendid whisky which can be enjoyed by all.

On first appearances it is clear that this whisky is of natural colour which mean no distillers caramel has been added which is a very positive move for those looking for an honest dram. There’s no doubt in the slightest that this whisky is young and no more than eight years of age being the oldest contributing whisky (In my opinion) but this fact does not hinder and the youthful nose is very pleasing.

The hints of citrus, heather and honey are dominant with the subtle smoke lingering in the background giving this whisky a well rounded character. With water we begin to open up fresh apple and vanilla notes which to me indicates quality ex bourbon cask maturation being involved in some of the contributing whiskies.

Now for me this is a quality dram which I would be happy to and recommend purchasing. What struck me about this whisky is how close in appearance, aroma and taste this is to the new Torfa bottling from the recently recommissioned Glenglassaugh distillery. I am by no way stating this has been used but I would be very interested to learn of which distilleries have contributed to this rather sublime Cumbrian product.

I commend Paul Currie and his team for daring to release such a bottling prior to their own malt being produced. Their efforts have clearly been rewarded with a quality product punching way above its weight in the price range (Average £30) I personally very much look forward to what comes next from this promising new Cumbrian distillery. I hear there is a gin on the horizon! Lets see what botanicals are used and what ABV this gin is before we connoisseur’s get too excited.

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Mike Little

Mike Little

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