The Glenlivet Spectra Scotch Malt Whisky Gift Set

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Yet another mystery malt from The Glenlivet. Shrouded in secrecy but guaranteed to be brilliant.

Whisky Innovation

Innovation is everything in the whisky world at the minute. Brands are looking at how they can really stand out when so many new whiskies are joining the market. There are experiments with maturation techniques, ageing, finishing, combining, whatever process necessary to create a new and exciting whisky.

The Glenlivet is one of the best known and well loved Scotch brand around. With Spectra, they are innovating with their signature style. This is not the first time the brand has released mystery malts. Alpha, Cipher and Code were created and released with the same idea.


Like with those releases, The Glenlivet have set up an online experience to be enjoyed alongside the three new malts.

Alan Winchester, Master Distiller at The Glenlivet, said, “True to our tradition-breaking spirit, we created an innovative whisky tasting experience across three single malts. Stretching our signature house style into three different single malt whiskies that work together as a collection was a unique challenge.

“Given the mysterious nature of The Glenlivet Spectra, we aimed to ensure each flavour was distinct and recognisable. I hope whisky lovers enjoy exploring the wide spectrum of flavours within The Glenlivet Spectra, as much as we enjoyed crafting them.”

Tasting notes for The Glenlivet Spectra Gift Set

Unlike most whisky releases, there’s not a lot of information for The Glenlivet Spectra. Like Alpha, Code and Cipher the bottles are vague and intriguing, not giving much away. The online tasting experience is said to challenge perceptions of whisky tasting, which is never a bad thing.

What we do know, is that each bottle in the trio represents a different element of The Glenlivet’s signature styles. If you’re a fan of The Glenlivet, then you’ll know their malts tend to be fruity and sweet, with Speyside influences and hints of sherry (depending on how its been matured of course).

The Glenlivet Spectra Scotch Malt Whisky is an excellent way to learn more about The Glenlivet and their whisky making process, whether you’re a fan of them already or not. Each bottle will explore more about whisky tasting and exploration than nearly anything else on the market.

We can’t tell you what’s in them, but we can tell you to check them out. They are well worth exploring.

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