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Established in 2017, The Electric Spirit Co. have released their first iteration, Achroous Gin.

New Kids

You can’t miss Achroous Gin on the shelf. It is in a bright red bottle with bold black lettering announcing itself. It is one of the gin market’s newest additions and prides itself on using non-traditional botanicals.

Along with the new brands and concoctions on the gin market, there are new botanicals. Gin has been around for centuries, so you’d think that people had tried making it with everything possible by now. Well, they haven’t and new brands are making their names by doing just that. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to have Keffir Lime and Lavender to stand out. These days it is seaweed, bamboo, cinchona root and other exotic ingredients, that make a gin stand out.

New Ingredients

Enter The Electric Spirit Co., who are using new and intriguing botanicals to give their gin a little something extra. Founder James Porteous is a master of product and brand design – we used to work together in fact, so it makes sense that the gin he makes is unique in all aspects.

Juniper is of course the lead botanical in Achroous, but alongside it we have Sichuan pepper, fennel and coriander seed. The botanicals are aromatic and spicy, giving the gin a wonderful heat.

Tasting notes for The Electric Spirit Co. Achroous Gin

Bottle cost: £37.42

The nose begins with big herbal notes of coriander and juniper. There is a lovely earthy quality to the aromas. The coriander brings in a little bit of warmth and a lovely refreshing note.

The palate is full of juniper, pine needles and peppery heat. It is spicy and full of life, matching perfectly with the bright red bottle. Fennel comes in to add a sweet liquorice taste and to introduce a bit of depth to the overall flavours.

The finish is full of spicy heat and pepper.

This is an exciting gin, with great design and taste. It catches the eye and the tastebuds. Definitely a welcome addition to the gin market.

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