Review: Royal Salute 21 Blended Scotch Whisky and their Christmas 2017 packaging

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The team behind Royal Salute are not ones to shy away from an opportunity to make great looking bottles. In the past they have collaborated with famous names in the fashion industry, including Tim Little and the legendary Vivienne Westwood. This Christmas, however, they have produced something truly stunning paying homage to the legendary Regent’s Banquet of 1817 in collaboration with wallpaper designer Angela Groundwater.

Created in 1953 in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, Royal Salute 21 comes in three different colours, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, a homage to the three stones found in the Crown Jewels.

The colours really add to the bottle and alongside the mighty lion and smoke filled canons that now replace the King and stead, they live up to the Regal name.

These are the perfect additions to your own Whisky version of the Crown Jewels and the non-festive versions even come with a matching velvet pouch to really give it that extra bit of panache.

Royal Salute does not disappoint with their design offerings, and manage to match the quality of the ‘Ultimate Gift’ with the quality of the actual drink. 

Crack open a bottle sometime before the next coronation and you’ll be met with a wonderful nose full of nuts and fruit, with a slight hint of bitter dark chocolate and caramel.

The nutty tang intertwines with ripe, juicy fruits. It sounds like a Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut Bar, but please rest assured, it is so much more.

The flavours are deep and interesting, and remember, this is only the beginning.

Once you indulge and actually take a drink of the Royal Salute 21, you will be met with a rich and creamy mouth feel that will have you begging for more.

The flavour profile develops and the fruit and nuts in the nose are given real depth. This dram definitely lives up to the bottle it is held in.

There is a sherried sweetness, full of apples and raisins, with candied citrus peels in the background. The oak of the barrels also comes through, with a slight wooded tang and adds a freshness to the sugary sweet overtones.

Hazelnuts and pralines dipped in dark chocolate give a slight bittersweet quality to the dram. This ties in perfectly with the rich fruits and the orange and clementines that begin to show themselves.

To wrap it all up, we have an amazing finish. The flavours tie together and are surrounded by an overall oakiness that captures the liquid in its maturation. The finish is long and dry, the perfect end to a fantastic dram.

The luxury of the bottle is made into liquid form and comes out as this dram. Royal Salute manage to pull off what many cannot, with a great aesthetic appearance and a stupendous Whisky to give it substance.

This is a dram for collectors and for those who just want a bit of luxury in their Whisky cabinets. Don’t wait until the next coronation (because as Charles knows, you’ll be waiting a while) and go out and get your own Royal Salute 21 Christmas Gift Pack here now!

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