The Dalmore unveils the first in a four-year programme of rare whisky collections

The Cask Curation Series Sherry Edition marks the first release in a series celebrating The Dalmore’s whisky making artistry and the role exquisite casks play in the creation of the iconic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Dalmore’s Cask Curation Series will feature celebrated makers and their partnerships with The Dalmore. The 2023 release – The Sherry Edition – features renowned fifth-generation winemakers González Byass, of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. Each set in the collection comprises three exceptional aged-statement whiskies finished in the finest of González Byass casks, available exclusively to the whisky makers of The Dalmore.

Strictly limited to just 150 sets worldwide, The Sherry Collection is beautifully presented in a bespoke leather-finished travel case hand-crafted in Florence, Italy – perfectly framing the trio of new expressions. Each age-statement whisky is housed in the iconic Dalmore bottle adorned with a matching collar;

Each expression in the collection represents The Dalmore Single Malt finished in González Byass Sherry Casks in its purist form; natural colour, non-chill-filtered, and cask-strength.

97 years of whisky making artistry are captured in this collection, created at The Dalmore Distillery, Scotland, by Master Whisky Makers Gregg Glass and Richard Paterson OBE. The Sherry Edition celebrates The Dalmore’s century-old exclusive partnership with the finest winemakers of Jerez de la Frontera – González Byass. This fifth-generation winery is led today by Master Winemaker Antonio Flores, and his daughter Silvia Flores.

[PICTURE: González Byass bodega exterior] 

The four master makers of Spain and Scotland, each at the top of their craft, inherit a time-honoured collaboration between the two noble houses of wine and whisky making. The Sherry Edition is an expression of the whisky making artistry of this truly special relationship between The Dalmore and González Byass. The collection encapsulates their shared pursuit of the perfect composition.

The Sherry Edition story is born on the vine in sun-drenched Andalucia, a tale of the finest winemaking in a place whose character is shaped by the Easterly Mediterranean breeze and Atlantic winds from the West. Sherry wine is laid down here to develop its character over time, alive as it serpentines from cask to cask.

Each Sherry cask resides in a magnificent bodega, a spiritual place with a unique impression of peace, light, and space. On their regular visits to these hallowed winemaking spaces, The Dalmore’s whisky makers pick out those casks with the perfect potential for maturing whisky. Each cask has already lived a lifetime under the watchful eye of the winemakers at González Byass, before being selected for their new role as vessels for the finest Single Malt Scotch at The Dalmore. The Sherry Edition features three whiskies which have enjoyed a cask maturation between them of 80 years drenched in González Byass wines.

The curation of exquisite casks is intrinsic to the whisky making artistry for which The Dalmore has become world renowned. The Dalmore distillery was established to create a Single Malt like no other, leading to the pioneering of multi-cask maturation in 1868. Led today by Gregg Glass and Richard Paterson OBE, The Dalmore is home to an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers, curating the rarest of casks in pursuit of creating truly exceptional whisky.

The Dalmore distillery’s collection of idiosyncratic stills creates a New Make spirit of unique character and depth – robust and fruity, particularly well-suited to longer and more complex maturation. This allows The Dalmore whisky makers to develop spirit over longer periods, and inspires them to seek out the finest and rarest casks from the world’s greatest vineyards and bodegas. Each of these exquisite casks offers unique potential, its characteristics influencing the personality of the Single Malt as it quietly matures over the months, years, and decades.

This collection is the first chapter. In 2024 the second release in The Dalmore Cask Curation Series will shine a light on the influence Port pipes have on the spirit, and celebrate our partnership with a famous Port wine maker. The third release arrives in 2025, followed by the fourth and final release concluding the series in 2026. Each release will celebrate The Dalmore’s exclusive relationships with the world’s finest makers of wine and spirits.

The Dalmore Cask Curation Series – The Sherry Edition is a story of the unique potential for whisky maturation offered by rare González Byass casks. The Sherry Edition, launches 3rd October, and is available worldwide in select outlets.

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About Cask Curation Collection: Sherry Edition

26YO Vintage Sherry Finish  

Cask strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered

“This cask is a true reflection of the natural beauty, balance and charm that The Dalmore offers.  A one-off expression that radiates with a myriad of exotic flavour experiences with sensory evolutions unique to and within our house style. It is an expression of our cask curation at its finest” Gregg Glass, Master Whisky Maker


The 26 Year Old Vintage Sherry Finish is matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and finished in Cask #4 – a 2002 Vintage Sherry Cask 

26YO / 1996 / ABV 48.2%


Orange blossom honey, apricot, Madagascan vanilla, and cacao


Golden raisins, mandarin citrus, iced cherry cake, and sugared almonds


Fresh baked brioche, light roasted coffee, crystalised ginger, and warm vanilla 

28YO Matusalem Finish  

Cask strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered

“A melody of flavours brought together in pure harmony through the classic influence of our renowned 30 Years Old Matusalem Oloroso Sherry butts – the result is a treasure chest of pure liquid gold.” Richard Paterson OBE, Master Blender


The 28 Year Old Matusalem Finish Matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and finished in Cask #73 -a very rare 30 Year old Matusalem Sherry Cask 

28YO / 1994 / ABV 55.3%


Rich dark fruits, Manuka honey, liquorice, sweet tobacco, and star fruit 


Antique Sherry-soaked raisins, Old English marmalade, marzipan, and liquorice 


Waves of dark cherries, molasses, dark chocolate, and cassia bark  

43YO Apostoles Finish  

Cask strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered

“The Dalmore 43 Year Old is a timeless classic. This noble spirit was nurtured and finished over many years, creating an unsurpassed journey of pure charm and sophistication.” 

Richard Paterson & Gregg Glass


The 43 YO Apostoles Finish is matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and finished in Cask #1 – a very rare 30 Year Old Apostoles Sherry Cask 

43YO / 1979 / ABV 46.8%


Warm honey, roasted chestnuts, sun-kissed raisins, and Seville orange 


Sweet Madagascan vanilla, dark forest fruits, crushed almonds, and dark chocolate  


Fresh baked brioche, grilled pineapple, and blood orange with a long sweet cinnamon finish 

Pricing (per set)

$37,500 £30,000 €35,500

About The Dalmore:

Founded in 1839 on the banks of the Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands, the Dalmore has been making masterpieces of whisky for over 180 years.

The 12-point silver stag which proudly adorns each bottle was bestowed upon the first chieftain of Clan Mackenzie in 1263 by King Alexander III of Scotland. The stag became the whisky’s emblem when descendants of the clan took over the distillery in 1878.

The Dalmore distillery’s collection of idiosyncratic stills creates a New Make spirit of unique character and depth – robust and fruity, particularly well-suited to longer and more complex maturation. This allows renowned Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass and his team to develop spirit over longer periods, continuing a tradition of visionary whisky-making as they fully express their art using rare casks from some of the world’s finest wineries and bodegas.

About González Byass:

It was 1835 when a youthful Manuel María González Ángel embarked on a long career in the world of wine. Tradition, innovation, sustainability, and the search for excellence are his legacy.

The young entrepreneur Manuel María González started his career in the world of a wine as a trader, working with Juan Bautista Dubosc and Francisco Gutiérrez de Agüera. However, his company grew successfully so quickly that he soon deemed it necessary to become involved in production too. He did so with the help of his maternal uncle, José Ángel, nicknamed ‘Tio Pepe’, who taught him everything he knew. He named the very first solera “Tío Pepe’s Solera” in his honour. This was the origin of the world’s most famous Fino, which in 1854, just 20 years later, became one of the leading players in and first exporter of Sherry, a privileged position that it would keep for a long time.

The first bottles of Tío Pepe were sent to the United Kingdom on the advice of Robert Blake Byass, the company’s agent in England, to whom Manuel María sent a letter with the recommendation of selling an “exceptionally pale” wine. The successful uptake of the wine led the two businessmen to form a partnership to promote exports, and the González Byass name was born.

This period saw the construction of La Constancia winery, the first winery in Jerez, which has been followed by the acquisition of others, both in Spain and internationally. Today, the 5th generation of still run it as a family business and spread their passion for wine to more than 100 countries all over the world.

At González Byass we have stayed true to our roots whilst also moving forward to offer the best wines and spirits all over the world. This commitment has seen us grow to 14 wineries in Spain, Chile, and Mexico, as well as producing a range of prominent spirits. 

In recent years we have purchased Veramonte in Chile, Pedro Domecq in Mexico, and our latest acquisition, Dominio Fournier, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero. Over this period we have increased the spirits family through the creation of our premium gin ranges, The London Nº 1 and MOM, and Nomad, our whisky made and aged in Scotland and finished in Jerez.

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