The Dalmore Presents the Vintages Collection 2023

  • The Dalmore announce two Limited-Editions – Vintage 2005 and Vintage 2008
  • The third release from the annual Limited-Edition Vintage Collection

The Dalmore Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has unveiled two new Limited-Editions – The Dalmore Vintage 2005 and The Dalmore Vintage 2008 – which form the third release from the distiller’s prestigious Vintage Collection.

The Dalmore Vintage Collection, created by innovative Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass and Master Distiller Richard Paterson OBE, offers exceptional whiskies of distinguished character.  The whiskies selected to form The Dalmore Vintage Collection are ultimately dictated by the casks themselves and the way they choose to shine during the annual cask inspection week, in a tradition which dates back over fifty years.

Each November, The Dalmore whisky makers spend countless hours in their historic warehouses on the banks of the Cromarty Firth, reacquainting themselves with their rare casks that have been quietly, patiently maturing. November is the optimum time for this process to take place, with the casks at rest in the cooler temperatures after the warm summer months, and their flavours alive and true.

Only the most exceptional casks, which display the finest qualities of The Dalmore and its signature style during this time, are hand-picked to become a ‘Vintage’. For the 2023 Vintage Collection, The Dalmore’s unmistakable chocolate and orange profile is showcased. The 15 Year Old, Vintage 2008 offers milk chocolate and mandarin, while the 18 Year Old, Vintage 2005 presents dark chocolate and Seville orange.

The Dalmore Vintage 2008 provides aromas of milk chocolate, caramel, mandarin, and cracked black pepper. To taste, manuka honey, sweet cacao, poached apples, and golden sultanas. To finish, expect to enjoy vanilla cream, chocolate brioche, Navelina orange, and a light cinnamon warmth. This expression has been matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and enhanced by hand-selected Matusalem Sherry and Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, with an ABV of 45.8%, natural colour, and non-chill filtered.

The Dalmore Vintage 2005 offers aromas of dark chocolate, salted caramel, antique leather, and rich orange citrus. To taste, expect rich cacao, blood orange, dark fruits, marzipan, and moist ginger cake. To finish, Madagascan vanilla with Seville orange, a rich nuttiness and long, dry chocolate complexities. This expression has been matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and enhanced by hand-selected Matusalem Sherry and Vintage 2005 Sherry casks, with an ABV of 49.3%, natural colour, and non-chill filtered.

Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass comments: “The annual cask inspection which ultimately leads to the creation of each years Vintage Collection is a true highlight of working on The Dalmore. We can never know what time and nature has given to these whiskies, until we take stock each November and see what magic has unfolded in the year. Richard and I select casks which we feel contain whiskies that exemplify The Dalmore’s quality and style, with the best of the best, becoming our Limited-Edition Vintages.

“For 2023, we are pleased to present two whiskies which, at different ages, showcase nuances of The Dalmore’s signature notes – chocolate, orange, and subtle spice. Vintage 2008 reveals naturally balanced shades and interplays of sweet cacao, fresh citrus and soft spices, and is a beautiful example of refined elegance from The Dalmore, captured at a moment in time. Vintage 2005 has quintessential dark chocolate notes which intertwine with rich citrus offering a flavour experience to be remembered and savoured.”

The Dalmore 2008 Vintage ($225) and The Dalmore 2005 Vintage ($490) will be available from November at select outlets worldwide.

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