The Dalmore 18 Year Old

If you enjoy a fine malt whisky and are looking for a quintessentially Scottish dram, in terms of both taste and labelling, look no further than The Dalmore 18 Year Old.

Owned by Alliance Global, and located in stunning Alness, Scotland, the Dalmore Distillery was founded back in 1839, with its water source coming from the Alness River. The mineral-enriched waters of the river flow from Loch Morie, which is located nearby in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The water helps give the whisky a smooth, slightly floral finish that whisky fans can’t seem to get enough of.

Each year the distillery produces 4,200,000 litres of spirit. The Dalmore whisky has an unmistakable flavour and aroma, of which whisky connoisseurs can’t seem to get enough of. One of their most popular products is The Dalmore 18 Year Old, which, incidentally, is what we’re going to be reviewing for you today.

The Spanish Connection

Just one look at the packaging of The Dalmore 18 Year Old Highland malt whisky, and you know instantly that you’re in the presence of a quintessentially Scottish tipple. The silver Highland stag head on the bottle and the packaging let you know right away where this whisky comes from, yet there is also a distinctly Spanish connection.

The blue skies and warm Mediterranean sunshine of Spain are a stark contrast to the dramatic mountains and chilly grey skies of the Highlands, yet The Dalmore 18 Year Old somehow melds both worlds together in one delicious drink. How? With the use of sherry casks.

Sherry, which is a fortified wine of Spanish origin, has distinctly sweet, nutty, fruity, and saline flavours which compliment whisky perfectly. The folks at The Dalmore know this, which is why they meticulously select ex-sherry casks that they feel would be perfect for aging their whisky in.

The Dalmore 18 Year Old Whisky

The Dalmore 18 Year Old is a smooth, rich, spicy whisky from Richard Paterson that provides everything you could ever want from a Highland malt. If you like your whiskies crisp, smooth, and unsmoked, this is the dram you’ve been waiting for.

With rich chocolate and orange notes shining through, this whisky is so easy to drink. If you can enjoy one glass and have the restraint to prevent yourself going back for a second, you’re a stronger person than us.

The Dalmore 18 Year Old spends 14 years in American oak barrels, before spending 3 years in Matusalem sherry butts, and a final year in sherry butts where it takes on a rich scorched caramel toffee colour.

Having won multiple awards, the 43% ABV tipple is much smoother than you might expect and is ideal for those looking to ease their way in gently, to the world of whisky.

On the nose you immediately detect orange and vanilla, with hints of dark chocolate and fine leather.

On the palate, candied orange peel will shine through, along with zingy lemon zest, chocolate covered raisins, mandarins, cracked black pepper, and of course, sweet sherry.

The finish lingers as there is heaps of body to this tipple. Again, dark chocolate shines through, along with Seville orange marmalade and toasted almond to finish.

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