The Berry Bros. & Rudd Collection 2023

Berry Bros. & Rudd is the oldest wine and spirit merchants in all of Britain. It’s easy to make that claim, but considering the fact that they’ve traded from the same shop since the year 1698, that tells you all you need to know about them. What they don’t know about booze isn’t worth knowing.

The company today has its own wine school and offices in countries all over the globe, along with two royal warrants from the late H.M The Queen, and H.R.H King Charles.

Stocking a wide range of wines and spirits, it is their vast selection of their very own single malt Scotch whiskies that’s caught our eye and tickled our fancy.

With a wide selection of whisky to choose from, we’re going to be looking at just 4 single malts offered by Berry Bros. & Rudd to help you choose the perfect whisky for you.

Blair Athol 2008 Tokaji Gonchi Finish

As far as independent bottlers go, Berry Bros. & Rudd certainly know how to produce a very special single malt.

At 51.2% ABV, this whisky packs a punch, yet it is deceptively smooth.

Initially matured in a hogshead, before being finished in a Tokaji Gonchi, this whisky has everything you’d expect from a single malt, with just the tiniest hints of characteristics you’d expect from a sweet wine.

On the nose, this pale amber nectar rewards you with aromas of figs and dates, with oak smoky notes and warming winter spices.

On the palate, you get sticky dates once more, crisp green apples, cinnamon and cloves, and sticky marmalade notes.

The mouth-coating finish is smooth and lingers, offering zesty orange notes and more warm baking spices.

Blair Athol 2012

This small batch Highland, single malt whisky is smoother than some of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s other single malts, coming in at a very respectable 46% ABV. It’s harsh enough to let you know you’re drinking Scotch, without leaving you feeling like you’ve downed a shot of molten fire.

This is a single malt that is as complex as it is subtle. It is much darker in colour than a lot of other single malts, creating a very interesting dram with heaps of legs.

On the nose you get stewed apple from the get-go. Inhale deeper and you can pick up vanilla, baking spices, and even a hint of apricots.

After taking that first sip, your palate will explode with fruity apple sauce, cinnamon, cloves, ground almonds, and a touch of oak.

The finish is crisp, with honeydew melons, warm baked oats, and the smallest whisper of bonfire smoke.

Williamson Moscatel 2013 Cask Finish

Another hugely popular single malt from Berry Bros. & Rudd is the Williamson Moscatel 2013 Cask Finish.

This wee dram is a stunningly dark burnt toffee colour, and at 57.9% ABV, you know all too well that you’re drinking a true single malt Scotch! For those who really appreciate a fine single malt, this is the tipple you’ve been waiting for.

On the nose you get peaty smokiness and spicy notes from the ex-Moscatel cask. Another whiff and you’ll pick up sultanas and fruity malt loaf.

On the palate you will straight away be able to taste rich leather, oak smoke, salty seaweed, candied pineapple, and mixed berries.

The finish gives you an incredible mouthfeel that sticks around way after you swallow that first mouthful. You will detect dried fruits, candied ginger, and more peaty smoke.

Dailuaine 2009

Finally, we have the 2009 Dailuaine.

A rich autumnal amber colour, this 53.7% single malt will catch you off guard if you let it, but boy will you enjoy the ride.

This Speysider offers complex notes on the nose, with rich honeycomb coming through, along with retro mixed fruit sweets, and a hint of spring flower notes.

On the palate when the amber nectar first touches your lips, you’ll pick up crisp golden apples, pear drop sweets, toasted oats and barley, woodsmoke, and more influence from bees, this time in the form of beeswax notes.

To finish, you get wonderful mouthfeel, with fruit salad, bonfire smoke, pink peppercorns, and a hint of baking spice.

To pick up a bottle or two of your favourite single malt, or to simply browse the huge selection of rare, limited-edition, and award-winning single malts, be sure to head on over to

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