Review: Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 001 Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Tamdhu Distillery has been hidden away in the Speyside hills of Knockando since 1897.

Back when it was first built, it was considered one of the most modern distilleries around.

It was designed by legendary architect Charles C. Doig and included pioneering features such as a water wheel, kilns created to reduce heat loss and an Archimedian screw to extract waste.

The distillery lived a long life but was eventually closed in 2010.  It wasn’t until 2011 that Ian MacLeod Distillers bought it over and gave it a new lease of life.

Re-launched in 2013, the Tamdhu range has a whole new look that really makes it stand out from its competitors.

Rather than going with the typical Whisky bottle with a long, bulbous neck, Tamdhu have created an art deco bottle that would not look out of place in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

The bottle tapers from the middle with a wonderful corrugated effect, reminiscent of the industrial era into which Tamdhu was originally born.

Alongside a bright white tube, this is a great looking bottle that offers something a bit different for your Whisky cabinet.  The design is simple but elegant and is a refreshing take on a Whisky bottle.

It captures both the past and future of the brand, telling the story of how Tamdhu was founded and using that to inform where they are going from here.

The liquid inside is just as interesting.  It has been matured in American and European oak Sherry casks and bottled at batch strength, an impressive 58.8%.


The majority of the casks used were first fill and this really makes an impact on the flavour.  It imparts that typical Speyside sweetness and spice that the region is so well loved for.

On the nose there are plenty of summer berries with an aroma that will bring you back to sunny strolls in the countryside.

With ripe and juicy blackberries and raspberries, there is a sweet richness that is complemented with an undertone of dark caramel and thick brown sugar.

These tastes bounce of each other, the berries lending a lovely tang to stand out against the dull saccharine flavours of the brown sugar.

There is also a delicate nuttiness of pecans and hazelnuts that go perfectly with the caramel sweetness.

The nose culminates in a slight hint of malt and vanilla that can be detected lightly underneath the berries and sugar.

The palate puts an emphasis on these malted tones and throws in a healthy dose of spice to go along with the vanilla.

The richness of the berries begins to grow and develops into more subtle fruits, such as apricots and apples.  There is also a slight hint of citrus that grows out of the tang of the summer berries.

The vanilla takes on a decidedly spicier note and is filled with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg.

The spice gives a great heat to the dram that will make that initial sunshine really come to life.

The caramel of the nose is also still present and gives this expression a thick, creamy mouthfeel.

The dram rounds off with a warming and long lasting.  The nuts make another experience and are complemented by the malty tones as well.

This is a well-rounded dram that is packed with fruits and malt.  It is the perfect homage to the Tamdhu expressions that have gone before it.

Available to buy here: Tamdhu Batch Strength Single Malt Whisky

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