Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old Canadian Whisky Review

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Gibson Distilling Company was started in 1837 by John Gibson, an Irish man who resettled in Pennsylvania and decided to turn his Whisky making skills into a business.

He was massively successful and Gibson’s Distilling Company became the biggest rye producer in the US. Unfortunately, as with many Whisky brands in the US, when prohibition hit, Gibson’s did not survive.

But alas, this was not the end of such a good malt, and the company revived itself 50 year later in Canada, re-launching the brand as Gibson’s Finest Canadian Whisky.

It is made in Quebec and is renowned for its smoothness and flavoursome character.

A big part of what makes Gibson’s Finest so damn fine is the dedication the brand outs into maturing their Whisky.

This was recognised by John Gibson as one of the most important parts of Whisky distilling and he made sure to put a lot of emphasis on allowing his malt to mature properly.

He believed that the key to good flavour and character was ageing, and this principle is reflected in Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old.

This is a particularly good example of Canadian Whisky and showcases everything Gibson’s can do.

The nose opens with lots of malted notes and a healthy dose of oak wood. This makes for a deep and refined dram.

Citrus fruits and honey come in as well, further adding to the depth of the liquid, giving it a lovely sweet and tangy background for the duller notes of the malt to really show up against.

The sugary notes make a kind of sounding board that the malted flavours bounce off and become fully formed by.

The palate develops this further, bringing in more oak and sweeter vanilla flavours.

A subtle spice enters the Whisky at this point, which brings warming tones of cinnamon and nutmeg. The citrusy orange flavours go especially well with this, and there is a nod towards a lovely moist Christmas cake.

The body of the dram is heavy but not overwhelming. It melts over the taste buds and allows you to really get into it.

The finish is long and lingering, with yet more citrus fruits and a little hint of caramel.

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  1. I got a bottle of Gibson finest rare 12 year. It dose not taste right musty taste, so I went and got a smaller bottle and it was fine. I have drank Gibson for a long while. Always drank whisky,might have to go back to other brand.


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