Springbank 10 Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Springbank Distillery has an exciting past having once been the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illegal still.

Today it is still owned by the Mitchell family, in the form of Hedley G. Wright, Archibald’s great, great grandson.

It is situated n the  region of Scotland, which was once one of the most prominent Whisky producing regions in the world.

Today there are only a few distilleries left in Campbeltown, with Springbank being one of them.

The distillery creates several different ranges and one of those is called Springbank itself.

The Springbank 10 Year Old is a shining example of just what this distillery can do.

This dram has been matured in Bourbon and sherry casks and has a full body throughout.

It begins with a nose of fruit and peat.

Apples and pears are joined by a pungent whiff of peat smoke that swirls around the other flavours.

There is a slight hint of earth and grassy notes that give the fruits a bit of depth.

This is all brought together by an undertone of malt and vanilla, where the oak barrel really becomes obvious.

These flavours continue into the palate, where they blossom into a rich and varied harmony of tastes.

The vanilla takes on a spicier note and develops into cinnamon, which also has a wonderful wooded aspect to it.

The oak of the barrel can really be tasted in these and helps to bolster a malty tang.

Again, the peat smoke lies in the background of all of this and can be tasted in wisps

This lasts into the finish, where it lingers and combines with the cinnamon and nutmeg spice to give off a homely warmth.

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