Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Drink

Remember how, roughly a decade or so ago, drinks companies started to release different flavoured gins? If so, you likely remember the sheer horror on gin lover’s faces, when they were given the option of sampling such delights as ‘raspberry gin’ or ‘strawberry and basil’ gin. That horror soon turned to delight however, when they tasted it and realised just how good it was.

What we’re trying to get at is the fact that, even though something is established, tried and tested, and traditional, that does not mean you can’t push the envelope and try other things. To some people, the thought of a peanut butter flavoured whiskey is enough to keep them up at night and cause them to break out in a cold sweat. For others however, it sounds like pure heaven in a bottle.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is a very polarizing, somewhat controversial whiskey, with whiskey purists damning it to all eternity, and young whiskey drinkers considering it the best thing since the alcopop. But what do we think?

The Skrewball Story

American Whiskey is very different to Scotch, in the same way that a lager is very different to a stout. Both drinks are in the same sort of lineage, yet they’re like chalk and cheese in comparison.

Skrewball Whiskey is about pushing boundaries, daring to be different, and not being afraid to try new things. It is very much a metaphor for the modern world we live in. To some, that’s a good thing, whereas to others, not so much.

Skrewball Whiskey came about thanks to a hugely popular cocktail at the owner’s restaurant in Ocean Beach, CA. The cocktail was incredibly moreish, and chances are that customers couldn’t stop with just one.

It featured smooth American whiskey and creamy peanut butter. The sweet and salty flavours complimented the whiskey perfectly. Sweet and savoury always works, whether it’s with your pork and apple Sunday roast, or your jam and peanut butter sandwich. The Skrewball cocktail embodied sweet and savoury perfectly, and the final results spoke for themselves.

Founded by Steven, a former refugee from Cambodia, and Brittany Yeng, Skrewball celebrates being different and going against the grain, combining exotic flavour combinations from all backgrounds.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is an American whiskey, flavoured with, you guessed it, peanut butter.

Launched in 2018, it is now a hugely popular American whiskey and is particularly popular amongst younger whiskey drinkers or those with a slightly sweeter tooth.

With an ABV of 35% it is as smooth as you’d expect for a whiskey of this calibre. The whisky is a pale amber colour and has a wonderful appearance when bottled.

On the nose, as you’d expect, the salty peanut butter shines through instantly. Take another sniff however, and notes of vanilla, toffee, and honey shine through.

On the palate, you guessed it, you get smooth and creamy peanut butter straight away, accompanied by butterscotch pudding, shortbread, toasted oats, clotted cream, and a touch of black peppercorns.

The finish is incredibly smooth, leaving you with sweet and salty notes with just a murmur of toasted oak lingering in the background.

Whether you’re after a fun and flavoured whisky, a limited-edition, or an award-winning wee dram, be sure to check out the huge selection of whiskies from around the world, that have available. Go on, you won’t regret it.

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