Royal Salute 21-Year-Old ‘The Blended Grain’ Whisky Review

After a long day, there’s no finer way to relax than by getting your feet up, putting on your slippers,  reaching for your favourite tumbler, and pouring yourself a wee dram of your favourite tipple.

The great thing about whisky, other than the amazing taste of course, is the diversity of the drink. There are smoky whiskies, mild whiskies, harsh whiskies, sweet whiskies, blended whiskies, single malts, and everything else you can imagine.

For those who feel Scotch is perhaps a little too harsh, a blended grain whisky could be the way forward, especially when you have such amazing options as Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Blended Grain Whisky.

Royal Salute Whisky

Out in the rugged, yet stunning Scottish Highlands of Speyside is the Strathisla Distillery, home of Royal Salute Whisky.

Royal Salute Whisky was launched all the way back on the 2nd of June 1953, in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation. People refer to this whisky as the whisky ‘created for celebration’.

The brand is unique in that they only have 21-year or above, aged whiskies. Incidentally, the 21 links don’t stop there, as the brand itself gets its name from the ceremonial 21 gun salute which is fired from the Tower of London to mark only the most special of royal occasions.

Bottled and produced by Chivas Brothers Ltd, these whiskies really are something special to behold. It’s rare that an “entry level” whisky is allowed to age for more than 10 years, let alone more than 20, yet with Royal Salute 21-Year-Old, that is precisely what you get, along with their more premium tipples as well.

Photo Credit: Royal Salute

Royal Salute ‘The Blended Grain’ 21-Year-Old Whisky

Designed by Sandy Hyslop – Royal Salute’s Master Blender, this blended whisky is designed to be enjoyed for celebrations and on the most special of occasions.

What Hyslop doesn’t know about blending isn’t worth knowing. He hand-selected the finest of blends matured exclusively in American oak casks to produce what many consider to be one of the finest blended grain whiskies on the market today.

At 40% ABV, this blended grain whisky provides an array of exciting, vibrant, bold, invigorating, and moreish notes to the table, marrying up the perfect combination of sweet, woody, smoky, and spicy.

Tasting notes

On the nose, you instantly get fresh peaches and apricots which gently fade away to crisp apple and honeycomb notes with a touch of vanilla and spring flowers.

On the palate you are rewarded with pear drop sweets, rich caramel, vanilla and honey, overripe apricots and sugared almonds. These sweet flavours and aromas are complimented wonderfully with toasted oak and hazelnut notes.

At 40%, The finish is smooth, drawn out and sweet, with honeycomb and apricot in particular, proving to be the dominant flavour.

With Burns Night right around the corner, what better time to celebrate with a wee dram of Royal Salute Whisky, than right now?

If you’re looking for a tipple to take your haggis, tatties, and neeps to another dimension, or to make a whisky cream sauce that is out of this world, head on over to and check out the amazing array of whiskies on offer.

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