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So Christmas is over, New Year came and went (without us even making the fireworks) but the next celebration in The Dillon household is on it’s way…Burns night.

For those of you wondering what this is – however this is a whisky blog so I can’t image many of you having to think about it! Burns night is celebrated on 25th January, the birthday of the Scottish Poet Robert Burns. Traditionally people gather over a supper of haggis, neeps and tatties, drink whisky over some of the much celebrated poets works.

Over the years we have been to some memorable Burns suppers but now with the children we spend our time celebrating at home. This year will be no exception and we have been busy selecting our whiskies to wash down our delicious Haggis. Here are my top recommendations for the evening, enjoy.

To Start

Birthday bubbles

We start the evening with a bottle of champagne – we aren’t experts but have a few different options depending on budget:

To eat we have Scallops with samphire in a butter and whisky sauce. Simple yet delicious.The whisky I use in the sauce is often a peated whisky to add an extra dimensions to the delicate flavours, this year we have Islay in stock so will be using that:


Haggis, Neeps and TattiesThe best way to enjoy Haggis, I find, is to not read the ingredients! It’s the type of meal that when you eat it you always wonder why you don’t have it more often. We usually have this one from Waitrose

The whisky for this course will be

When attending an event a few years ago we were first introduced to during whisky over the haggis – what a revelation. So I’ve chosen the Knockdhu Sherry case to add that slight sweetness and rich flavour.


We will finish the evening with the homemade Christmas Pudding – I always make too much for Christmas so we can enjoy one on Burns night. This years pudding was drenched in our now sold out Christmas release.

If you’re keen to get involved and add some whisky into your evening, our 4 packs of miniatures are perfect. You’ll receive 4 different whiskies from our range and the tasting noted to accompany. These can be posted to multiple addresses and then you can host your own virtual Burns night supper. Get in touch if you want to discuss how we can help.

Now I promise Dry(ash) January and healthy eating starts again on 26th!

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