Review: Wemyss Kiln Embers Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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Situated on the legendary Wemyss estate (pronounced Weems and is Gaelic for cave) we find the Wemyss independent bottlers.

The brand was started by the Wemyss family with the aims at making Whisky accessible to those who might not be so in-the-know about the drink.  Through their range of handcrafted drinks and their passion for distilling, the brand hopes to communicate the authenticity and quality of their product.

With an focus on the product itself and not the distillery it comes from, Wemyss are opening up their products to a wider audience and allowing interaction with their malts on a different level to most big distilleries.

The emphasis of aroma and taste is engaging and makes for a fresh loom at these drams.

The family have a history in wine making and know a thing or two about releasing great drinks and have recently added a new product to their blended range.

Kiln Embers is filled with smoke and peat and was launched to celebrate the distilleries 10 years in the business.  Limited to only 12,000 bottles this is a great malt if you can get your hands on it!

The brand already has a peated expression, called Peat Chimney, but Kiln Embers is said to take the smoke to another level of intensity and features some great Islay qualities.

The nose is warming and opens with all the right notes.  It has a tangy citrus fruit flavour that combines with the rich, thick smoke.

There is a hint of maple-cured bacon in the background and with the peat smoke, this makes for a fulfilling and very satisfying start.  The sweetness and smoke combine to make an entice aroma that you just can’t wait to get more of.

From the nose the palate takes these flavours and intensifies them.  Filled with peat and wood smoke, Kiln Embers delivers on its promise of a smoky dram.

More citrus fruits come through with a sweet candied orange peel in the distance.  Lemons and limes are joined by bursts of cloves and cinnamon that create a warming and spice flavour.

The mouth feel is wonderfully smooth, with the smoke wafting over the tongue and interacting with the woody spices to create a rich depth and complexity.  The embers in the name can really be tasted and even has a slight herbal quality to it.

The dram rounds of perfectly, with a linger that lasts just long enough for you to be asking for more.  The sweetness of the citrus is there with a good final kick of peat.

This is definitely a dram to buy and with 10 years already under their belt it will be interesting to see where Wemyss go in the next decade!

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