Inside the Bottle: People, Brands and Stories book review

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Marketing and brand positioning are massive features of almost all industries.

Without either of these things it is basically impossible to sell your product, no matter what that product is. And since we live in a free market society, it becomes ever more important to make your product stand out against your competitors.

We have all experienced some form of marketing in our lives, something that happens on a daily basis and a lot of the time without us even knowing it.

This is what Arthur Shapiro explores in his new book Inside the Bottle: People, Brands and Stories.

So now the question is, what makes Shapiro’s book different from others that explore the same topic?

This is a book with many aspects to it. Not only does Shapiro take a look at how marketing in the alcohol sector is changing, but he also explores his time at Seagram as Senior Executive and gives insight into what drinks marketing has looked like for the past 30 years.

Shapiro takes us on an exploration of marketing in the alcohol industry and how it has changed, especially in the past few years.

The author has seen the alcohol industry from many different perspectives, working as a Senior Exec for Seagram, with experience of marketing all across the globe, as well as his time as a consultant for start-ups giving him a glimpse into life on the smaller side of the scale.

He sums this part of the book up in his introduction when he says, “Like cosmetics and fragrances, for the alcohol industry, what’s in the bottle is generally secondary to the statement the brand makes when you order, buy, and use it. Until recently, that is”.

This is the biggest topic that Shapiro tries to tackle; just what has changed in marketing in the alcohol industry.

This is an incredibly interesting topic and you’ll find yourself learning insider knowledge and getting the chance to see things from a different perspective.

As well as a discussion of the industry, Inside the Bottle also looks at the fall of Seagram, which was the leader in the spirits industry in the US for decades. Shapiro includes lots of stories of his time there and how these reflect the development of the alcohol marketing industry.

This book is fantastic for yourself or someone else as a gift. It is the ideal present for someone with an interest or knowledge of the alcohol industry that wants to know more and to gain better understanding of where the industry is going and how it got there.

Since it considers lots of different facets of the drinks market, Inside the Bottle I also great for someone is has an interest in marketing or business, regardless of the drinks aspect.

It is also perfect for those who know nothing about the industry, as it provides an in depth look at the market and how it is run, from someone has over 30 years experience behind the scenes. And with Christmas coming up fast, there is definitely someone in your life who will love this book!

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