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I do love a good wine, not as much as a good whisky but a wholehearted red is something to be savoured. When the opportunity to experience a set of wines curated by someone else came up I was sceptical but thought it was worth a try so here's a review of The Grape Club.

Anthony from The Grape Club is such a lovely bloke, we conversed about things whisky and wine over email and his enthusiasm for what he has created is admirable.

The box the wine arrived in is well compartmentalised and the super handy handle for carrying home from a work place delivery very easy – I wish whisky folk could do something like this.

Once opened, the bottles were naturally laid out and labels were read.

The thoughtful nature of swing tags marked up with The Grape Club team’s tasting notes and product commentary are great value-adds but I think for me there was something lacking.

I’m not sure what it was but for a £45 per month subscription I think I was expecting to be more wowed.

Being the kind of geek I am I looked up each wine on the superb wine hunting and logging app Vivino and the average cost of each bottle added together came to about £45, maybe a little less.

Now, I’m a business man myself so I get mark up and added value cost layering but I just didn’t see anything beyond the swing tags that, whilst great in many ways, was going to convert me into a paying subscriber.

Also, the act of curation is always an interesting one and a very popular one, from Shaken Cocktails curating the in home cocktail experience to Nespresso curating coffee blends from around the world to match flavour profiles, The Grape Club was a bit restricted.


The wines were top quality, no doubt about that but they were almost too varied.

My aforementioned love of robust reds was met with a sweet German wine, a couple of whites that were lovely and one red which I really did enjoy.

In contrast to that, if you like exploring interesting wines outside of one category then this subscription is for definitely you as you will never get bored.

I think I’d like to revisit The Grape Club once they’ve developed further and maybe would hope that the next iteration includes the option to match flavour profile to the grape drop I receive as the concept is solid but may be a bit too early for me to buy into the delivery.

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