Remarkable Regional Malts With a Twist 10 Year Old Blended Malt from Douglas Laing

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Douglas Laing are known for their intriguing malts, and this Remarkable Regional Malts is especially interesting – it comes with a “twist”.


In honour of the brands’ 70th anniversary, they have released several really wonderful drams, and the Remarkable Regional Malts range is the icing on the cake (although we suspect there will be a lot more cake to come from DL).

This exceptional 10 Year Old Blended Malt will join the XOP release that kicked off the festivities, as well as Yula II and Clan Denny.

What’s the Twist?

This is an especially interesting blend for those who love provenance and all things regional (hence the name; Remarkable Regional Malts).

It is made up of malt from every Whisky producing region in Scotland, each represented on the packaging with one of Laing’s famous charaters.

The outer tube also twists, allowing you mix up the characters heads and bodies.

The bottling has been described by Fred Laing, Chairman of the company: “This latest limited edition reflects very much our focus and philosophy to release excellent, artisan Scotch whiskies expressing some humour in the process, whilst not taking ourselves too seriously. After all, aligned to quality, Scotch whisky should be fun.”

The Remarkable Regional With a Twist Malts 10 Year Old Blend

But let’s take a look at the bit we all really want to know; what does the damn thing taste like? No one cares about characters and twisty tubes if the blend tastes like shite.

Well, it is safe to say, this blend definitely does not taste like shite. In fact, it is incredible. The flavours are rich and elegant, hitting all the right notes at the right points.

The nose begins with citrus fruit, candied orange peel, fennel, oak wood and sea salt.

It is a wonderful combination of all the big players from the Scottish regions; the coastal notes, with the slightly softer fruity flavours and sweet oak wood.

The palate continues with more fruit and lots f peated smoke. The smoke is soft and mellow, interacting especially well with the oak and seaside flavours.

Salt, caramel, milk chocolate, more orange, and lots of orchard fruits come though. These are all well developed and harmonise perfectly.

The heat of the smoke is brilliant, allowing all the different flavours to melt together.

The finish is full of yet more orange peel, and a final lasting note of peat smoke and caramel.

Truly not one to be missed. You’ll never get bored of this blend, whether you’re playing with the packaging, or simply indulging in its brilliance.

What do you think of this Remarkable Regional malts 10 Year Old Blended Malt? Tell us in the comments!

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