Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey Review

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Coming out of the craft Whiskey scene in New York, Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey has a really interesting story and process behind it.

Part of Long Island Spirits

Started in 2007, Long Island Spirits is a part of the craft spirits movement to reinvigorate the Whiskey industry in New York, which had been dormant for a few decades. The company has a family feel to it and they are proud of their rural heritage.

Based on Long Island in barns that were originally built by Polish immigrants in the 1900s, the company sources their ingredients locally and is proud of having brought distilling back to this part of the world. They have curated a really interesting selection of spirits including a range of Liqueurs, Vodkas, Gins and Whiskies, all released under different brands.

Everything they craft is sourced from producers close to the distillery and it gives them a great community feel. There is an authenticity around what the company creates and they are bringing innovation to the market.

Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey Review

Pine Barrens is not the only Whiskey brand produced by Long Island Spirits as they also make Rough Rider Bourbon and Rye.

This brand is different in that it is mainly focused on American Whiskey and Gin.

What's the ageing process?

The Single Malt American Whiskey, which has been aged for 1 year, although longer ageing might help to bring out a bit more flavour. While the flavour is good as it is, some further development in a barrel might improve it.

The really interesting thing about this malt is that it has been created from finished beer. First, Long Island Spirits brew a wine style beer that is then distilled twice and placed in new American oak casks to mature.

They aren’t the first brand to do this, and most Whiskies start off as a simple form of beer anyway, but it adds a something interesting to the story of the malt as well as the flavour.

Tasting notes for Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey

Bottle cost: £62.25

The nose opens with citrus fruits with hints of vanilla and oak wood. There is also a hoppy quality, with malted grains as well, that brings out more of the beer flavours. It is quite earthy to begin with and has a lot of natural flavours.

The palate continues in this vein, with big notes of pine needles and fresh herbs. More oak wood and vanilla, with creamy caramel, adds a little sweetness.

Hops and warming Christmas spices come out, with a lovely hint of oak wood. It has a rich and mellow mouth feel that is smooth and soft. Citrus fruits abound and go well with the vanilla and caramel.

The finish is long and focuses on oak wood and cloves.

This Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey is an exciting release from Long Island Spirits and has a lot going for it. It brings something really interesting to the craft Whiskey market that has emerged in New York.

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