Penderyn Club Member Single Malt Welsh Whisky Review

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The perfect way to welcome anyone is with a bottle of whisky and Penderyn are doing it with their own malt.

True Welsh Welcome

While you can by the Penderyn Club Member Single Malt whisky regardless of whether you’re a member or not, it certainly does tell you something about how they’ll welcome you if you do become a member.

The hope is that the quality of the malt is just so damn good that you’ll be compelled to follow the joining instructions on the carton and sign up there and then. Judging by how good other Penderyn malt is, and by the awards they’ve got in the bag, we’d probably say this is likely.

If you do happen to sign up, you’ll be given 4 free tickets to tour the Visitor Centre as well as a 10% discount on anything in the visitor centre shop and the online store. You’ll also get wind of occasional newsletters that will tell you about new releases before anyone else.

If that’s not enough to get you to sign up right now then this single malt will definitely do the trick.

Tasting notes for Penderyn Club Member Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Bottle cost: £95.00

Bottled at 50%, this Single Malt whisky has been matured in Madeira Sherry casks, giving it a rich, fruity flavour.

The nose opens with dried fruits, apple pies and thick caramel. The sweetness is astoundingly good, not too overwhelming but rich and elegant. Apples and raisins take over and bring in a little zesty quality. Underneath it all is a delicate note of cinnamon.

The cinnamon makes itself known on the palate, where it is warming and spicy. Oak wood, plum sauce and more caramel appear. Treacle toffee with a dash of nutmeg makes for a really well rounded taste. The oak is mellow and gentle with a hint of earthiness.

The finish rounds off with notes of oranges and dried fruit, with one lasting note of caramel. Simply excellent.

You can buy the Penderyn Club Member Single Malt Welsh Whisky online now, even if you don’t become a member. But be warned, once you try it, it won’t feel like a stretch to join one of the most exciting distilleries about.

What do you think of Penderyn’s Welsh Whisky? Let us know in the comments!

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