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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
William Grant & Sons

Part of William Grant & Sons Rare Cask Reserves programme, the ‘ghosted vattings’ will offer consumers the opportunity to access some of the rarest Scotch whisky stocks, from distilleries no longer in operation. Threebrand’s remit was to design both a label set and secondary packaging to complement the unique story of the Ghosted Reserves. Both were to be premium and tactile.

The first Ghosted Reserves release, a 26 year old, 42% abv, is a vatting of malt whisky from Ladyburn, a distillery on the site of Girvan that closed in 1975 and Inverleven, which closed in 1991.

Just 1,400 bottles will be released in global markets at a RRP of £300 for a 700ml bottle.

Deirdre Clarke-Glennon, Global Marketing Manager at William Grant & Sons, commented: “We are delighted with the final Ghosted Reserves design.

“We feel the design is so impressive that we want to draw on its look and feel for the rest of the Reserves collection.”

Ghosted Reserves

Ghosted Reserves

Ghosted Reserves

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