Old Pulteney Port Cask (New Release)

Think of the UK seaside, and you instantly conjure up images in your mind’s eye of amusement arcades, fresh fish and chips, ice cream, the smell of seaweed, and of course, unseasonably cold and damp weather. Venture further north however, to the coastlines of Scotland, and you will be treated to the many aromas associated with whisky distillation.

Situated upon Scotland’s most northerly coastline, where Caithness Coast meets the North Sea, you’ll find a town. This is not just any town, this is a town which encapsulates everything that is great about whisky, and everything that is great about the rugged Scottish coast. The town in question is Wick, home to Old Pulteney – The Maritime Malt.

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Old Pulteney have been, if you’ll pardon the pun, been making waves in the world of whisky for many years now, and when you consider the quality of their new release port cask from their coastal series, you’ll know why that is.

For those of you with a passion for the coast, a passion for port, and a passion for fine Scotch, Old Pulteney Coastal Port Cask is sure to go down an absolute treat. Here’s a better look.

Old Pulteney Distillery

Owned by Inver House Distillers, and located in the very Highlands of Scotland, nestled majestically on the rugged Scottish coastline, in the town of Wick, Caithness, is the Old Pulteney malt whisky distillery.

Founded in the name of Sir William Pulteney, in the year of 1826, the distillery was once Scotland’s most northerly. It was very difficult to access other than by sea, with ingredients being shipped in, and the whisky being shipped out when ready.

This distillery is not just your typical distillery. It honours both whisky and the sea. In fact, many of the distillery workers back then were also employed as herring fishermen. As the decades rumbled on, the whisky’s popularity grew, and the facility began moving away from fishing and began focussing solely on whisky distillation instead.

The facility closed in 1930 after prohibition laws came into effect, but re-opened in 1951 with a new lease of life. With the capacity to produce more than 1,000,000 litres of spirit a year, and having won numerous awards, many consider Old Pulteney whisky to be amongst the finest Highland single malt available.

Old Pulteney Port Cask

The second expression in their coastal collection, Old Pulteney Port is a limited-edition single malt that is very special.

Many believe that, due to the distillery’s close proximity to the sea, the coastal air and environment helps give their whisky its unmistakable characteristics. After all, they don’t call it the ‘Maritime Malt’ for nothing.

Old Pulteney Port pairs single malt Scotch whisky with rich and fruity notes of Port wine, fortified in Portugal’s stunning Douro Valley. Celebrating everything that makes the coast great, this is the perfect blend as the rich and fruity notes of the Ruby Port barrels pair perfectly with the briny notes of this stunning malt.

The whisky is initially matured in American oak casks where the salty sea air gently works its magic and gives the whisky flavours and aromas you just can’t replicate anywhere other than by the coast. To finish, the whisky makes its way into Ruby Port Barriques and Pipes where it takes on the notes and characteristics of this amazing ruby red beverage.

Tasting Notes

Old Pulteney Port is the perfect marriage of sweet, tart, salty, and spicy and will appeal to Scotch and Port drinkers alike.

At 46% ABV, you certainly get more than a wee glow and you’ll certainly feel it warm your throat and chest. Make no mistake about it however, this is nowhere near as harsh as some single malts and this dram is dangerously drinkable.

Considering it has matured in ex-Ruby Port casks, Old Pulteney Port is not as dark as you may have expected, and is more of a rose gold in colour, as opposed to a deep ruby red.

On the nose you are treated to a mishmash of aromas, each one just as pleasant as the last. You should first detect dried fruits such as apricots and sultanas, which gradually give way to marzipan, candied orange peel, sweet vanilla, and a very slight hint of seaweed.

On the palate, sticky marmalade shines through, coupled with glacier cherries, cinnamon, toffee apples, and a hint of sea salt.

The finish is very smooth and will leave you with more coastal influences, winter spices, and dark red berries. This is where the Ruby Port influence is at its most prominent.

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