Monkey Shoulder, the 100% malt whisky made for mixing, has reinvented one of the most popular bar tools on the planet – the jigger. The Trigger Jigger will result in 100% accuracy per pour, saving every bartender across the planet on average 4 hours and 42 minutes per year.

Used to measure and pour spirits, the common jigger is the standard tool used in bars all over the world. However, a little-known issue that plagues some bars is that inferior jigger designs are inaccurate by as much as 20% because they do not always have accurate volume marks and can increase the likelihood for spillage. The Monkey Shoulder Trigger Jigger aims to correct this.

The Trigger Jigger is the brainchild of Monkey Shoulder Global Brand Ambassador Joe Petch, who comments: “Some jiggers are just not good for business and can result in slower serving speeds. So, inspired by a nickel and silver plated jigger from the late 1880s and through countless hours of research with bartenders around the world, I set about righting some wrongs.”

The lab technicians at Monkey Shoulder have put the Trigger Jigger through rigorous tests and the results are conclusive. By timing bartenders pouring 3 x 20ml measures using both standard jiggers and the new Trigger Jigger, Monkey Shoulder discovered the Trigger Jigger (7.89 seconds) was on average 0.79 seconds faster when up against a standard jigger (8.68 seconds). We then calculated the average number of drinks made throughout the working year, ultimately discovering that the Trigger Jigger could save every bartender an average of 16,985 seconds or 4 hours and 42 minutes per year*.

Joe explains the methodology used to create the Trigger Jigger and the results:

“The tests were conducted in several locations with different groups and whilst we are very confident with these results, we cannot guarantee the same result every time due to varying factors such as liquid viscosity, temperature, bar setup and the general speed of the user – hence why we created an average score based on many test scores”.

The key to its success, was to streamline its design to ensure maximum liquid velocity, as Petch explains:

“By engineering a piston valve mechanism, I’ve ensured an accurate cut start and stop flow rate. Pour in the liquid and apply some pressure on a trigger using a good old-fashioned finger. The spirit streams out at an optimum rate into the drinking vessel.”

Monkey Shoulder is a brand that has been long renowned for its creative approach and has a track record of innovating seemingly humdrum tools to make them more powerful, effective and efficient. The launch of the Trigger Jigger follows previous Monkey Shoulder inventions that have sent shockwaves through the industry, including its extendable ‘iSpoon’, innovative cocktail mixer the Konga Shaker and The Claw; which took the classic ice tong a whole new level.

Bars that are already getting jiggy with it in London include The Artesian, Swift Bar, The Beaufort Bar and Callooh Callay. Want to get your hands on one? Well you’d better move quick as there’s limited stock! Get in touch with either John Wayte (@BarMonkey_ ) or Jody Buchan (@JodySpiritual) and they’ll hook you up with the goods.

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