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Monkey Shoulder, the 100% malt whisky made for mixing, is rolling into town on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April, cheekily enticing people to enjoy refreshing cocktails from its 11,000 litre, 12-foot Mixer Truck.

Not only that, Monkey Shoulder will be spinning great tunes and even better cocktails with a series of exciting events across Manchester.

Across the two days, the team from the UK’s top trending whisky* will have everything covered to shake it, stir it, make it, mix it and pour it. And trust us, we can shake, stir, make, mix and pour ‘til the Monkeys come home. Monkey Shoulder know how to do it.

Well, that’s that then. All that’s left for Manchester to do is to swirl, sip, share and repeat.

John Wayte, Monkey Shoulder UK Brand Ambassador says:  

“Manchester get ready! The Monkey Shoulder team is coming and we’re bringing all sorts of madness with us. We cannot wait to see our love of cocktails showcased in your amazing bars. Come find us for a Lazy Old Fashioned, we’ll be the ones wearing black and orange!”

Here’s what’s on the Monkey Shoulder menu this April:

Shake yo’ Monkey

We are rolling into town. Rolling into town with an 11,000 litre giant cocktail Mixer Truck that is. Look out for the 12-foot, Monkey Shoulder Mixer Truck parking up at Spinning fields. With its DJ booth, t-shirt cannon and cocktails on tap, you can shake your monkey to no end. Cocktails on offer include: The Lazy Old Fashioned, Monkey Mojito, Ape Spritz, and Show me the Monkey.

Swing by our Mixer Truck at: Spinning fields, Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th, 12 – 8pm

The good kind of S.W.A.T.

Special guests, the Monkey Shoulder S.W.A.T. team – a group of fun time vigilantes – will be popping up at some legendary local spots to ramp up the party with great tunes and free (*ooooooh free stuff*) whisky cocktails and Monkey Shoulder t-shirts.

Look out for the S.W.A.T team at: Whisky Jar and Night & DayTuesday 16th April (Further locations being added all the time)

The Tea Trolley (we promise we won’t serve you a builders)

The notorious roaming Tea Trolleys – pimped-out drinks trolleys kitted out with DJ decks – will be spinning tracks and handing out free cocktails – including the Lazy Old Fashioned, Show me the Monkey and Ginger Monkey – at bars including B@One, WeWork and Revolution.

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