Midleton Barry Crocket Legacy Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Recently given a revamp, the Midleton Barry Crocket Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is an excellent Irish dram.

Part of Irish History

Midleton Distillery has a long and colourful history. It has played a big part in the history of Irish Whiskey.

It was first opened as a woollen mill but this changed when it was bought by the Murphy brothers in 1825. The distillery, situated in Cork, continued to produce Whiskey for much of the 19th century but faced hardships, like most of the Irish distilling industry at the time.

In 1966 it was given and new lease of life when the newly merged Irish Distillers (Jamesons, Murphy’s and Powers brands) made it their base. Max Crockett was Head Distiller in those days and it was his son, Barry who later took over the mantle.

Barry Crockett is very well known within the Irish Whiskey industry, having been working for Irish Distillers for 47 years. He recently retired and was replaced with Brian Nation, who has been with Irish Distillers since 1997. On leaving, he was honoured with the renaming of the stillhouse in Midleton to the Barry Crockett Stillhouse.

Bottle cost: £158

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Not only does he have a stillhouse named after him, but also the Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Single Pot Still Whiskey. This is a brilliant dram, and Crockett should definitely be happy with it being his chosen namesake. It has been matured in American oak casks.

The nose opens with notes of vanilla, oak and citrus fruits. it is refreshing and smooth. The citrus really adds a lovely zest to it. The vanilla is sweet and brings more caramel notes along with it. The aroma of white grapes, peaches and orchard fruits fills to nose.

The palate has a slightly orange note, with hints of black pepper and cinnamon giving it a lovely warmth. Oak wood plays a bit part of the body of the dram, with huge notes of vanilla, wood itself and a smooth caramel. Citrus fruits abound, with notes of crisp apples and pears.

The finish is light and full of oak notes.

This is a wonderful dram from Midleton and one that Barry Crockett himself would certainly be proud of.

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