Laphroaig The Whisky Barrel 10th Anniversary Release

let’s begin have recently released a 6 Year Old Laphroaig as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations.

They are a leading UK Wine and Spirits merchant who were first established in 2007 and have been seeing great success ever since.

In order to celebrate both this success alongside this milestone birthday, they have launched a range of bottlings, with this 6 Year Old Laphroaig being the most recent.

Laphroaig are famous for the heavily peated drams that represent the Islay tste profile perfectly. This dram is no exception to that and is a shining example of just how brilliant their malt can be, even at such a young age.

It is bottled at 58.7% and was first distilled in 2011.

The nose opens with lots of peat and sherry. It is smoky, with a lovely warming kick of spice and a slightly oil texture.

The barrels come through well, with a hint of scorched oak, giving a sweet backdrop for the peat to bounce off.

The flavours mix well and are lovely and mellow, despite the youthfulness of the malt.

The palate is refined and well balance. It has lots more sherry spice, with cinnamon and vanilla coming through.

The vanilla is excellent alongside the peat, which is ever present and blossoms on the palate.

As always with Laphroaig, it is big and booming but does not overwhelm the other flavours.

The oak of the casks is sweet and warming, with more spice coming from it. this gives a lovely depth and refinement to the dram.

The oiliness of the nose also appears, this time alongside more seaside notes such as seaweed and iodine. This is a very characteristic Islay malt, with lots of peat and seaside notes to it.

The finish is smoky and well peated, with a lasting hint of vanilla also appearing.

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