Kinahan’s Irish whiskey returns to its pioneering roots with the release of the new ‘Kasc Project’

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Japanese Whisky is one of the most brilliant and complex malts around. They rival Scotch in terms of quality and style and have many accolades to show for their skills.

Originally known as the pioneer of Irish whiskey, Kinahan’s earned its worldwide recognition for its focus on maturation as early as the 18th century. Their historical background in pushing boundaries puts them in prime position to lead the way in expanding the innovative side of the Irish whiskey category today.

Inspired by its original pioneering culture that rejected tradition and the norm, The Kasc Project is the world’s first series of whiskeys made in hybrid casks. Each cask is individually constructed from a mix of 5 different types of wood, including unusual oak varieties and even chestnut (Irish regulations unlike in Scotland allow maturation in ‘wood’ rather than ‘oak’). The hybrid casks feature Portuguese oak, French oak, American oak, Hungarian oak and Chestnut, all of which helps create a blend of rich unusual new flavours.

The first expression, ‘Kasc Project’, described as ‘a riot of unconventional flavours’ comprises of a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, bottled at 43% ABV with no chill filtration and without adding artificial colouring.

“This is an escape into the new ways of whiskey making. If you are a traditional whiskey drinker, this is not the whiskey for you. This is a daring and unconventional whiskey – it’s a riot of wood” says Zak Oganian, managing director of Kinahan’s

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