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In my Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Review, I review three of the distillery's most popular expressions: Single Barrel Select, Silver Select and Single Barrel Rye.

Before we get into my Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Review, including the much anticipated tasting notes…

Jack Daniel’s is perhaps one of best-known names in American Whiskey.  It is recognisable throughout the world as one of the biggest brands in Whisky, and has been for decades.

The best-selling Whiskey brand was first started by Jack Daniel, hailing from the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1866.  Although the product meets the standards to be called Tennessee Bourbon, it shuns this name, opting instead for Tennessee Whiskey.

As well as being the top selling American Whiskey brand around the world they are well respected within the industry and produce consistently popular products.

They have a wide range of drams on the market as well as countless limited editions and special releases.  Three of their best and most popular expressions are their Single Barrel Select, Silver Select and Rye.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of American-Whiskey.com where I got to try the full range.

The GreatDrams Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Review

The distillery’s Single Barrel Select has been bottled from a single barrel and hand picked by the master distiller.

This is a particularly good dram and opens with a nose of warming oak and wooded spices.  The barrel can really be detected in the opening.

More cereal and grain notes come through, joining the oak in an earthy dullness that is wonderfully subtle, yet full of character.

Eventually there is a sharp citrus twist that piques interest and bounces of the more subtle cereal notes.

This continues into the palate, where the grains are joined by toffee and caramel sweetness.  This also gives the dram a hearty and thick mouth feel.

There are hints of smoke and slight whiffs of leathery cigars that take over from the initial sweetness, but do not overwhelm.  These are backed up with a cinnamon heat that fills the mouth with warmth.

The finish wraps up wonderfully, with that warmth lasting for a memorable linger and the tangy citrus notes become more pronounced.

Next, we have the Silver Select, which is bottled at a higher strength and is one of the distillery’s best outputs.

This Tennessee Whiskey is bursting with a variety of flavours that all endeavour to please the palate.

But before we get to that stage, lets look at the nose.  The Silver Select opens with tangy citrus and sweet caramel.  These combine to create a wonderful mix.

They are joined by a supple banana and cinnamon flavour that gives a great warming sensation.

This continues into the palate, where the mouth feel takes its cues from creamy caramel and a rich vanilla custard flavour.

There is a definite sweetness to this dram that plays alongside a melody of peppered spices.  These flavours are well balanced and allow each other space to be fully appreciated.

Silver Select also has a slight hint of rich red apples and pine needles, bringing in an earthier tone.

The finish is simply great.  It lingers just long enough for the caramel and fruit to come together and leave a lasting impression.

The distillery’s most recent release is a Single Barrel Rye that came out earlier this year.  This is an expression that lives up to the drams that have gone before it and is a great option for the next Single Barrel instalment.

The nose opens with only the faintest hint of sweetness, with hazelnuts, pecans and almonds peeking through.  These are subtle and not very pronounced, but make promises of more on the palate.

The nose is also full of dried raisins and apricots, offering a slight fruity tang to the sweetness and allowing the moist fruit to bounce of the dryness of the nuts.

These combine to create an oily mouth feel, with dates and figs joining the mix.

There is also a distinct cereal note that allows the fruit to become fully formed and adds a nice density and richness to the mouth.

The finish is shorter than other expressions but allows the flavour to be appreciated in its own time.  Fruit and pecans take the fore here.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Review: The Verdict

No Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Review (or, indeed, GreatDrams review) would be complete without a final verdict.

The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel range encompasses three of the legendary distillery’s most popular expressions for good reason. Single Barrel Select is a particularly good dram, no question. Single Barrel Rye, the latest addition, lives up to the expectations laid down by the single barrel range so far.

Silver Select, though, remains one of the distillery’s finest outputs. It’s an outstanding whiskey from a legendary distillery that has achieved accalim for a reason.

Check out American-Whiskey.com for more information on the brand and the products themselves.

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