A blind tasting of Kilkerran 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Open Day Limited Edition

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Hot on the heels of the fantastic blind tasting Mark of Malt-Review and I challenged each other to a couple of weeks ago, my good friend Adam, a.k.a. The Whisky Pilgrim sent me a sample to blind taste and review too. It turned out to be Kilkerran 8 Year Old Open Day Limited Edition. What a treat.

I’m a huge fan of Kilkerran, and had never tried their Kilkerran 8 Year Old Open Day Limited Edition, yet even when I opened the sample bottle and began to nose it I know I was in for something very special and, curiously, bang on to the style of whisky I enjoy the most; peated ex-sherry cask matured whisky.

But what the hell was it?

My best guess was Ardbeg 8 Year Old SMWS, released 2015, or maybe even Ardbeg Uigeadail, both were existing favourites of mine so was preparing myself to be mightily impressed with myself when I asked Adam if I had gotten it right.

I had not.

But here is the reason I thought I had…

The colour was a dip amber, absolutely stunning.

The nose screamed creme brûlée, burnt sugar with wisps of smoke that caressed the sherry notes. Thick juicy sherry wine. Slightly sweet and the odd hint of sour notes.

On the palate I was getting something truly thick and powerful, mouth consuming, smoky, well rounded, sherry notes shine through big time, smoke was engulfing my mouth. Thoroughly amazing and lovely. I really did not want it to end, and then spent ages trying to find a bottle of this stunning Kilkerran 8 Year Old Open Day Limited Edition online to no avail.

I honestly cannot thank Adam enough for the Kilkerran 8 Year Old Open Day Limited Edition sample, his is in the post and you will be reading some of his writings on GreatDrams from January 2017… and I cannot wait.

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