Ah Strathisla Distillery, you just have to visit this place

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Scotland has over one hundred distilleries, but none are quite like Strathisla Distillery.

Nestled away in the rolling hills of Speyside, Strathisla Distillery has a charm that will capture the imagination as soon as you arrive.

1. It’s the Oldest Continuously Working Distillery in Scotland

It is the spiritual home of the Chivas Brothers and has claims to be the oldest continuously working distillery in Scotland, having been opened in 1786. It went through a series of owners over the next century and a half, but never once closed its doors. This is even more astounding when you remember that it was once largely damaged due to a fire in 1876 and then again in 1879 due to an explosion. Chivas eventually took control in 1948 after the then owner George Pomeroy was convicted of tax evasion and Milton Distillery, as it was called, went bankrupt. They turned it around and it has been thriving ever since.

2. It is Surrounded by Truly Glorious Countryside

Today it is renowned for creating the malt that lies at the core of Chivas’s blends as well as being one of the most beautiful distilleries in existence. Once you arrive it’s easy to see why it is given this particular accolade. Strathisla is undeniably picturesque, and has a quaint charm to it. Of course it would be hard not to be beautiful considering the expense of Speyside countryside surrounding it. Here you get the true feel of what the Scottish environment means to these distilleries. The rolling green hills and vast swaths of undisturbed land create an atmosphere of peace, perfect for enjoying a dram or two.

3. They haven’t forgotten their past

Strathisla and Chivas at large, are very aware of all the hard work and effort it took to get them to the position that they are in today. Strathisla is the best palce to go to learn more about the brand as well as about the distillery’s history itself. They are well aware of just how important this distillery is to their blends and celebrate it at every turn.

4. The malt made here is intrinsic to Chivas

The malt from Strathisla is in every single bottle made by Chivas Brothers, showing just how important it is to the brand. The product itself isn’t actually put into casks at Strathisla itself, but rather, it is piped into Glen Keith distillery, where it is casked and then moved to mature in one of Chivas’s warehouses in the town of Keith. Without the malt made here, Chivas would not be as successful as it is today.

5. Did we mention how beautiful it was?

It really is amazing and looks more like a manor house than a distillery. A visit to Strathisla is well worth it, regardless of whether you are a fan of Chivas or not. There is so much to learn about the history of Whisky here, as well as getting to see inside one of the oldest working distilleries not only in Scotland, but also the world.

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