Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Port Ellen Blended Scotch Whisky Review

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Don’t be put off by the interesting choice of name; this is a remarkable release from the world’s favourite blender.


Johnnie Walker needs little introduction, being the biggest selling blend across the globe, and probably one of the first drams that most Whisky lovers ever tried. They have been around since 1865, when John Walker decided to make his homemade blend national. From here they have flourished and taken the world by storm.

What’s perhaps most loved about Johnnie Walker is their consistency. They do not compromise on quality but still bring incredible drams to the market at non-premium prices.

They have also recently released My Edition, which gives consumers the chance to create a dram based on their preferred flavour profile. This is an exciting way to get new Whisky drinkers engaged with the brand.

But they don’t just cater to new Whisky drinkers either, and with the Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare series they are approaching seasoned consumers. This exclusive series brings to life ‘ghost’ drams from distilleries that have long gone out of business.

Master Blender Jim Beverage explained the series, ‘These whiskies deliver a fascinating glimpse into another world, exploring the unique, inimitable character of whiskies from a small number of iconic, closed distillieries that lend something very special to every drop of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It’s really interesting to be able to put a spotlight on the character of these whiskies.’

Their first release was a Brora blend that took the market by storm, and they have recently brought out their second edition from Port Ellen.

Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Blend

Bottle cost: £275

Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Port Ellen is made up of Whiskies from several distilleries, including Oban, Blair Athol, Mortlach, Craggenmore, Dailuaine, Carsebridge and Caledonian. The last two are silent distilleries and these malts are referred to as ‘ghost’ malts.

It opens with a nose of vanilla sweetness, with mango and passion fruit in the background. Oak casks and a hint of smoke also appear, adding lots of depth and richness to the overall flavour.

The palate is fruity and lively, with lots of citrus tang coming out. This combines well with the slightly smoky notes.

The oak wood is also on the palate and adds a chewy texture. From here the vanilla really brightens up. It is sweet and creamy, with wonderful caramel notes. The fruit and creamy vanilla is the perfect match.

The finish is gentle and lingering, with a hint of smoke and oak wood.

The Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Port Ellen is exciting dram that brings back memories of a lost distillery, it is almost as if Port Ellen never shut down (but that would be wishful thinking).

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