James Eadie Bottling of Blair Athol 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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James Eadie is an independent bottling company who have been around since 1854. They create unique products with a focus on small batch and single cask, so you know you are getting the best and some of the rarest malts from them.

They don’t just choose any bottle, but go for the best types of wood with malts at the perfect age for bottling.

From here they craft incredible drams that are exclusive and rare, giving you the chance to experience a little more from your favourite distillers and to uncover something special.

Their bottling of an 8-Year-Old Blair Athol dram is a fantastic example of exactly what James Eadie does.

Blair Athol is a gorgeous distillery based in Pitlochry. Its malt is typically used for Bell’s Blend, except for a 12 Year Old bottling that is available, so this is a rare treat indeed.

This dram opens with a nose of sweet white sugar and orchard fruits. it is tangy and saccharine, with candy floss, apple peel, grapes and pears all appearing at once.

The white sugar is warm and thick, with lots of fudge and candy notes. It goes perfectly with the apples and pears, giving their acid tang a nice sweetness.

On the palate more herbal and heathery notes come out. These are ideal with the orchard fruits and give this dram a great earthiness.

The mouth feel is smooth and mellow, with a honeyed thickness coming out.

Baked apple pie with maple syrup rises up and gives a delightful warming tone to the palate.

This continues into the finish, which lingers on orchard fruits and a lovely dusting of icing sugar to top it off.

In contrast to this sweet and fruit filled malt, James Eadie also have a delicious CaolIla 12 Year Old in their range. This is another chance for customers to experience something they might not when buying straight from the distillery.

This dram begins with a nose of rich peat and a last of sea breeze. There is salt and tar, with a slight nod towards brine.

The peat is thick and pungent, with an earthy depth that really gives it character.

The salt sea air goes perfect with the earth tones, and this dram is exactly like a walk along the rugged coast of Islay itself.

The palate is thick with smoke and more peat. It isn’t quite as punchy as some of CaolIla’s drams but it definitely does not shy away from its signature flavour.

More sea air and a great waft of charcoal come out hand in hand, and linger, allowing you to savour them alongside some delicate sweeter notes, such as vanilla and a light caramel.

The caramel has a little bit of a burnt quality to it that goes perfectly with the smoke.

The finish is mellow and soft, with a little hint of peat and just a drop of salted caramel.

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