Exclusive interview: James Earley, designer of the 2016 Jameson Limited Edition bottle

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On a recent trip to Dublin with Jameson I got to sit down with James Earley, the designer of the 2016 Jameson limited edition bottle and subsequently Dan Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson to speak about the new bottle and the programme of Jameson limited edition bottle releases.

Why was I so interested? Well, in case you were unaware, my background is in branding and brand strategy, working with whisky and luxury spirits brands the world over to develop their brands right through to the strategic side of packaging design so I geek out big time when new bottles designs are released.

Here is what James had to say…

Speaking exclusively to GreatDrams, Dan Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson had this to say about the programme of Jameson limited edition bottle releases…

“Each design has to make us see Dublin in new way, through fresh eyes. This is the key to creating a sense of anticipation around the project each yzear. Every bottle we’ve commissioned has celebrated this city in its own way, honouring both its past and its incredibly dynamic present. This is a city of poets and painters and filmmakers and visionaries.

It’s a city of artists.

We want, more than anything else, to champion those Irish voices, to let them create something that captures the sights and sounds of Dublin, its people and its characters.

Every year they’ve surpassed our expectations and created something that consumers are excited to put at the heart of their celebrations.”

Jameson Limited Edition bottle

Dan went on to say “the trick to finding the right artist rests in keeping an open mind. That means considering candidates from many disciplines – animators, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers.

We shortlist a selection of artists and work together to find the right person to partner with and it’s a really exciting journey each year. In the past, limited edition bottles have been designed by glass artists and illustrators.

This year we’re thrilled to have turned the bottle over to street artist James Earley, whose work is such an arresting part of the visual landscape of contemporary Dublin.

You see it everywhere in this city, on walls from Temple Bar to City Quay.”

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