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This year, Jameson searched the globe for Jameson fans who always celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and rewarded them with a trip of a lifetime; The Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Expedition. To show it’s not about where you are, but about who you’re with, the group travelled to the most northerly inhabited area on the globe, Svalbard, Norway to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s marked by the co-ordinates 17° longitude 80° latitude, a tribute to the year John Jameson set up his Dublin distillery.

The friends, from Ireland, India and Argentina, trekked over frozen terrain, overcoming obstacles along the way, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most unexpected way. They took part in the Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Expedition.

In-between the snowmobile races, husky rides and ice cave climbing, the Jameson fans cemented their new friendships in the freezing Arctic conditions – bringing new meaning to Jameson on ice. This is the Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Expedition.

The group’s off-the-grid adventure was a success, arriving at their final destination, as close as humanly possible to 17° (longitude) 80° (latitude), where they raised a glass and toasted St. Patrick’s Day together.

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