Havana Club Rum Tributo 2019

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The newest edition of the annual Tributo release, this is an interesting Rum with a bold flavour palate.

Cuban Rum

Havana Rum has been around since 1878, when it was first set up by José Arechabala in Cuba.

The name itself, as well as being the capital of Cuba, was created to appeal to American drinkers, as it was easy to pronounce.

The brand did fairly well, despite there being the odd threat of murder as well as the Cuban revolution in the 1960s.

Tributo 2019

Havana Club Rum Tributo 2019 is part of the Tributo range, an annual release that celebrates the best Rum available as well as the people who make it.

Tirbuto 2019 is the fourth release in the line up and has been crafted by three Masters of Cuban Rum, including Asbel Morales, José Navarro and Salomé Aleman.

Morales, one of three Masters of Cuban Rum (or maestros del ron Cubano as they are in Spanish) involved in the making of Tributo 2019, commented, “Once again, the Havana Club Tributo collection praises the richness and variety of styles that form the base of the authentic Cuban rum category.

“Each rum in the Tributo range uniquely focuses on a different element of the production process, from our ancient rum bases to cask experimentation and the 2019 edition continues this story by honouring the craftsmanship of three of the maestros del ron Cubano.”

Tasting notes for the Havana Club Rum Tributo 2019

Bottle cost: £345

It has been created from a selection of rare casks and mixed with Rum that has been matured in French oak casks.

The nose begins with big, warming notes of fruit cake and white sugar. It is full of fruity sweetness. Raisins, apricots, pineapple and lots of thick caramel make for a deep and rich aroma.

The palate is overflowing with treacle and smooth caramel. Hints of warming oak and vanilla crème appear, giving it a nice edge.

Cinnamon, citrus fruits and sweet buts take over and really bring out the oak qualities. More vanilla and a dash of Christmas cake with cloves and cinnamon make for a wonderfully deep and saccharine Rum.

The finish is long, with more caramel and vanilla notes.

This is truly excellent Rum and one that should definitely be on your drinks list. It brings out the depth of flavour and sweetness and spice that you get with a high quality Rum.

Best enjoyed under the Cuban sun, preferably on a beach! Although Scarborough might do the trick.

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