GreatDrams wins UK Food And Drink Blog of the Year 2017!

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Well wasn’t that DRAMTASTIC! On Friday night, after a lovely lunch with family and a long walk through central London to rack up my FitBit steps, I attended the UK Blog Awards in Westminster where GreatDrams was announced as the winner of the UK Food and Drink Blog of the Year 2017!

I’m incredibly humbled that GreatDrams has won this award – thank you for your readership, your banter & your support – it really is because of my readers, the awesome people I get to meet and spend time with in the industry  that I do this.

This really is the culmination of a few years of hard work, and, whilst don’t get me wrong it it an awesome way to enjoy a hobby and make a living, there is a hell of a lot of behind the scenes admin and stuff no one gets to see such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, networking, new brands and products to learn and read about, WSET qualifications to know the art of distilling from the science side as well as the romance and brand-led side, video editing, image editing, hundreds of Post-Its that have notes for articles as well as a weekly ‘dashboard’ A5 Post-It that tells me everything I need to have gotten done that week no matter what else subsequently crops up, a minimum of one proofreader per article (although some errors do slip through; only human), support from my wife, family, friends and beloved pensioner cat Bailey.

food and drink blog of the yearIt is all of that that has made GreatDrams what it is today. 

And it is all worth it when you are recognised like this, and when I read and (try to) respond to each and every one of your comments, emails, posts I get tagged in and more.

You’re all awesome!

Thank you and will be raising several drams to you in the coming days.


Ps. and of course, the brilliant whisky I get to enjoy helps out along the way too 🙂

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