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Aimed at a younger audience but with the backing of a long heritage, Grant’s Signature Blend is a relatively new release from the legendary Whisky family.

The official website describes Grant’s Signature Whisky as “easy to drink” and “also tastes a bit like biscuits”, perhaps in an effort to attract those who have not yet discovered the joys of the dram.

As well as new customers, Grant’s Signature seems to also want to be viewed as a gift option, being released around Father’s Day.  This expression has been set up as not only the first dram for new drinkers but also the best chance at getting your friends and family to enjoy Whisky with you.

Revitalising Grant’s Whisky

This expression is also an attempt to revitalise the brand, which at around 130 years old and in their sixth generation of the Grant family, could be doing with a new lease of life.

One thing this expression gives Grant’s is the ability to attract new customers to their brand and to Whisky as a whole, and you know what they say, you never forget your first!

So as well as developing new relationships with a younger audience, this gives them the chance to be the first lasting impression on new Whisky drinkers and turn them into lifelong fans.

First launched in 2014, Grant’s Signature scotch is priced at under £20, making it similar to every blends biggest rival: Johnnie Walker Red.

The expression was also initially only available in Tesco stores, highlighting a desire to break away from more niche markets and into the mainstream.

Grant's Signature Whisky: review & tasting notes

So what about the all-important taste? Does it live up to the hype?

Well it’ll never be a Johnnie Walker Red, but then again, few things are!

The nose opens with some wonderfully light tones that are sure to not overwhelm those new to Whisky drinking.

It is sweet, with candied citrus peel and plenty of fruit and caramel.  There is also a great depth of maltiness, with a slight and subtle biscuity hint.

Underneath the sweetness there is a warming spicy hint that brings the flavours together really well.

The fruit is really the most obvious note in the nose and becomes tangy and more citrusy on the palate.

With ripe red apples and caramel covered oranges, Grant’s Signature Whisky is a real treat for those who enjoy a sweeter dram.  The malt flavours also become more pronounced and really bounce of the fruit.

A thick and creamy vanilla also appears, bringing up memories of the oak barrel with it.

This becomes a cinnamon spice that complements the juicy fruits perfectly.  The spice is warming and alongside the vanilla gives for a smooth mouth feel.

The finish has a medium linger that is sweet and full of vanilla spices.


In conclusion...

Grant’s Signature Whisky is a good dram to pull in new Whisky drinkers. It is not overwhelming and has a good sweetness to it.  Although it may not be as complex as some drams, the maltiness gives it a bit of depth and allows the other flavours to really make themselves known.

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