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Some of the most exclusive and rare malt around, the Private Collection represents exceptional good malt, and it has just undergone a redesign.

The Collection

Hand picked by the directors of Gordon & MacPhail, who have some of the best Whisky knowledge around, the Private Collection is elegance bottled.

Each cask that is chosen is labelled with a cask number, natural strength and vintage, giving the consumer as much information as possible.

The casks selected are often rare and from distilleries with releases that are hard to come by, either because they don’t release a lot of bottlings or because they don’t exist anymore.

What’s New?

The latest recruits to the Private Collection are an Inverleven and a Glenrothes.

With impresses vintages, 33 and 44 years respectively, these are simply excellent malts.

As well as new malts, these new releases also boast new packaging, with a new look bottle, presented in a wooden veneered gift box.

The look is retro yet has a touch of modernity about it, in the clean cut lines of the bottle and the smooth finish of the box. Everything ties in so nicely together, it is aesthetic harmony.

The Malts

Let’s start with the Inverleven.

The younger of the two, at 33 Years, this malt has been matured in ex-Bourbon casks. The cask was first bought by Gordon & MacPhail in 1985, which was six years before the distillery was mothballed.

The nose is wonderfully fruity, with pineapple, banana and apples. They are fresh and ripe, with lots of flavour.

A slightly oak note also appears, with a little hint of vanilla.

The palate is delicate, with more oak and banana. The fruits are well developed and light.

Tangy citrus fruits come in, with a lovely nod towards dew covered grass and cherry blossom.

The finish is rich and deep, with a long linger on oak wood.

The Glenrothes is equally as good. At 44 Years it is slightly older and has been matured in a refilled Sherry puncheon.

The nose begins with lots of sherry and heat. It is warming and welcoming.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and dried fruit abound, with a hint of malted grains and oak wood.

The palate is really rich, with more Sherry than you can shake a stick at.

Dried raisins, figs and dates join a soft honey and caramel note. The sweetness is really well done and everything is wrapped up a lovely oak wood flavour.

The oak lingers on the finish, with more Sherry spice and a lasting note of cinnamon.

These are excellent and unique Whiskies that are brilliant additions to the Private Collection, and will be perfect for joining your own Whisky collection any time soon.





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