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Ground-breaking innovation distillery opens door to game-changing, spirit-led whiskies

Today, Glenmorangie single malt Scotch whisky opens the doors to its ground-breaking innovation distillery – a place which promises to bring a kaleidoscope of delicious new flavours to whisky. Here, at the heart of the Highland Distillery, whisky makers will redefine every aspect of their craft to create game-changing, spirit-led Glenmorangies.

Glenmorangie has been pushing single malt boundaries for decades. From pioneering wood finishing to Glenmorangie Signet unparalleled mocha flavours, and the ground-breaking Private Edition series, Director of Whisky Creation Dr Bill Lumsden is endlessly experimental in his quest to dream up delicious whiskies for more people to enjoy. His “What if…?” approach has inspired the Lighthouse, the first on-site innovation distillery dedicated to a single malt brand and created solely for experimentation. Conceived to bring Dr Bill’s most extraordinary ideas to life, it is a playground where he and his team
can let their imaginations run wild.

The multi-million-pound Lighthouse is named for its landmark approach to whisky. Like an actual lighthouse, the 20m-high stillhouse can be seen for miles around. Offering unique flexibility with ingredients and processes, it is designed for deliciousness, rather than yield. Key areas of innovation

• Stillhouse: Equipped with two of the giraffe-high stills which enable Glenmorangie’s delicate, fruity spirit. But the new stills feature a host of modifications which allow them to alter spirit character by acting as if they were shorter – or even taller.
• Brewhouse: Constructed in the traditional style of the main Distillery, this stone building offers scope for myriad experiments with barley, water and yeast during mashing and brewing.
• Sensory laboratory: Above the stillhouse, with coastal views, the laboratory offers Dr Bill’s team the rare chance to study raw spirit and play with their experiments as they evolve.

Dr Bill said: “Our Lighthouse is the new home of imagination. Here, we’ll indulge our most fantastical ideas as we strive to create a whole array of different flavours. We will play with raw ingredients and make small adjustments and big changes in ways never tried before. Nothing is off limits, as long as it’s delicious.”

Thomas Moradpour, President and CEO of The Glenmorangie Company, said: “Global demand for Glenmorangie is growing significantly. The first of its kind, our Lighthouse experimental distillery is the keystone of our plans to stay at the forefront of taste innovation. By giving our talented creation team free rein, we will welcome even more consumers worldwide to enjoy delicious whiskies.”

To mark the Lighthouse opening, Glenmorangie is releasing a mouth-wateringly soft and fruity whisky, limited to 3,000 bottles. Glenmorangie Lighthouse is created with bourbon and sherry casks now encased in the Lighthouse’s walls. Aged 12 years and available only at the Distillery, its spectrum of flavours is a sign of all the wondrous whiskies yet to come, RRP: £85.

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