A belter of a bank holiday beer from the Goose Island Brewery

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Like most of us, I love a good beer from time to time; for refreshment, with friends or to explore interesting releases as I do with whisky, gin and all spirits. This is especially true now that we are getting a few hours of sun from time to time here in London. Enter, the wares of the Goose Island Brewery. 

Goose Island Brewery were kind enough to send a couple of beers my way to get me in the mood for the imminent bank holiday.

The brewery itself, set up around thirty years ago, hails from Chicago and has been gradually building its presence around the globe in recent times. I actually tried a pint or few of Goose Island when I was last in Chicago in 2008 and loved it, so this was a welcome refresher of what the Goose Island Brewery has to offer.

I spotted that one of my favourite whisky bloggers, Mark of Malt-Review, also received these bottles, reviewing them here, and, sorry to skip ahead, completely agree with him that beer is a much more economical drink to collect, review and consume versus whisky!

So, the beers.

Up first was Honkers Ale; a dark beer that I probably should have had last in all honesty, the rich, earthy, malty notes were superb… quite bitter but well rounded and thoroughly enjoyable. Serving suggestion; with BBQ pulled pork or ribs, maybe whilst operating the aforementioned meat.

The second beer I of theirs I tried was the 312 Urban Wheat Ale, a beer made for chilling out in the park with friends, maybe occasionally kicking a football around or playing catch. It is relaxed, light, refreshing and of course rounded off with a hint of bitterness.

Finally we have the Goose IPA, the signature brew of the Goose Island Brewery which is all about the hop. Hoppity hop hop. Fresh, again, with a meatier character and citrus notes throughout.

Lovely beers, can definitely recommend them and will definitely be buying a few more in for the next time I dust off the BBQ… 

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