The Pogues Irish Whiskey Review

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What could be more Irish than Whiskey called after the infamous Pogues?

Yes, the Pogues Whiskey is indeed named after the band.

The Pogues still tour. Who knew?

Well known for far more than their drinking and THAT Christmas hit, the Pogues have been making music and touring for more than 30 years.

Fronted by Shane MacGowan, who has himself become somewhat of a pop culture icon, the band were first founded in 1982 in London and later reformed in 2001.

Much to the astonishment and intrigue of everyone, considering the years of drug and alcohol abuse, they continue to tour to this day.

To commemorate this achievement West Cork Distillers have decided to release a blend of grain and single malt in their name.

It’s called, naturally, The Pogues Whiskey

The release of the Pogues Irish Whiskey comes at the dawn of a new age for Irish Whiskey. The Irish Whiskey Association, a body that is itself only little over a year old, have recently stated that they plan to see a 300% global market increase over the next 15 years.

That’s quite a big ask, but with a recent boom in distillery openings, it is not unforeseeable.

West Cork Distillers also want to create a more globalised appeal with their own drinks.  They have already contacted around 16 partners in Japan, Australia, the US, Canada and Europe to begin global distribution.

The company have been around since 2003 and have a few successful releases under their belts, including the brands West Cork and Kennedy.

The Pogues Whiskey review & tasting notes

The Pogues blend is 50/50 grain and single malt and is very young, having been matured for only three years and a day.

But that doesn’t seem to have done much harm to the liquid, which, although not being too complex, considering the age, is quite impressive.

This expression is supposed to capture the character of the band themselves, but let’s hope they don’t go too far to bottle the riotous behaviour associated with them or we could all be drinking cigarette butts and heroin.

But on to the actual Whiskey itself!

The Pogues Irish Whiskey opens with a nose full of malt and biscuity notes.  There is also a nutty undertone, with a slightly sweet milk chocolate layer joining it.

These flavours intertwine well together and are complemented by a subtle wine hint.

The palate develops these flavours with a little more sweetness and fruit.

Ripe red apples and juicy pears burst over the tongue with the maltiness of the nose becoming more apparent.  More floral and honeyed notes also appear and are complemented by the biscuit tones.

The wine blossoms into a rich Chardonnay that gives a bit of depth, although maybe not enough to account for all the years it could have been maturing.

The linger is not the longest but certainly rounds off well, with the sweetness of honey and the malted barley coming through.

All in all this isn’t a bad expression, especially considering how young it is.

It certainly captures the rough and ready nature of the band themselves and does them a service.  Well seasoned Whiskey drinkers may not appreciate this as much as those less educated in dramming, but it is certainly something to look out for!

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